Best Colleges for Students Who Love Robotics

Plenty of colleges have programs for people who love robotics!

Flickr user Jeremy Wilburn

When it comes to pursuing your hobbies at college, there is no end to what is available. There are schools out there with programs and student organizations for everything you can imagine. If you love robotics in high school, or you’re looking to get into it for fun after high school, you should check out some of these colleges!

The Ohio State University – Underwater Robotics Team

In a fun twist on the traditional robotics programs, OSU offers an underwater robotics club. They strive to develop an autonomous underwater vehicle. The team is largely made up of engineering students across various disciplines, but it is open to students of all majors.

Johns Hopkins University

Given that Johns Hopkins is known for its research, maybe it’s no surprise that its robotics program is world-class. There are eight different laboratories focusing on different aspects of robotics. The LIMBS (Locomotion in Mechanical and Biological Systems) laboratory, for example, studies animal movements to incorporate them into robotics. For undergraduates, robotics at this school is a minor.

Colorado School of Mines – CARDI

If you are concerned about how robots can assist with the difficult work of mining—whether doing the work or helping rescue humans from it—then the Colorado School of Mines might be for you. This school’s Center for Automation, Robotics, and Distributed Intelligence is involved at both the undergraduate and graduate levels when it comes to robotics. It offers two minors for undergraduates, one in robotics and the other in robotics and artificial intelligence.

California Institute of Technology

Like OSU, CalTech has competed in underwater robotics competitions. In the 2016 International Robosub Competition, their robosub actually won first place! The team’s robosub could maneuver around obstacles, fire torpedoes, and rescue an object underwater. The team builds robots for other competitions as well, and is student run. Another student organization, called Robogals, is dedicated to increasing female participation in technology and engineering through initiatives aimed toward younger students.

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon has an actual robotics major, which is not all that common. Students seeking to pursue this degree take robotics classes in addition to another major on campus (the technical name for this major is BS with Additional Robotics Major). However, students from all departments are welcome to try for this degree. A minor in Robotics is also available.

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