A Million Millions: Student Loan Debt vs. Valentine’s Day Spending

Each year, we hear about the huge spending for Valentine’s Day. And, almost every day, we are reminded how much student loan debt Americans have. But, how do the two stack up?

Well, it’s really not much of a contest. Student loan debt in America is currently at $1.2 trillion, which dwarfs any measure of spending for the couple’s holiday. We did some analysis just to put it into perspective.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • You could buy about 60 billion dozen roses for $1.2 trillion
  • That’s 720 billion individual roses — or, every single rose grown for Valentine’s Day each year for 3,214 years
  • You could buy enough chocolate — about 600 billion pounds — to melt it down and cover the entire city of Detroit in 2 feet of chocolate
  • The average student loan payment is $242 — almost exactly twice as much as the average spending on Valentine’s Day each year ($131 per person)

Whether you’ve got student loans yourself or not, this infographic is bound to put your Valentine’s Day spending into perspective. Nearly 13 percent of Americans have at least some student debt, and the average borrower for the class of 2013 graduated with $28,400 in loans.

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See how the American’s Valentine’s Day spending compares with the student debt.

An infographic comparing student loan debt and Valentine's Day spending


This inforgraphic is the first installment of our series called A Million Millions, which analyzes the magnitude of the student loan debt in America — now more than $1.2 trillion in total.

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