College Majors for People Interested in Cosmetology

Are you considering a career in cosmetology? From skincare to hair styling, there are quite a few jobs that fall under this umbrella! But how do you get started, and what are your options when it comes to college and your future career field? Keep reading to discover what you need to know about cosmetology, majors for cosmetology, and the benefits of working in these industries!

What is Cosmetology?

Cosmetology refers to the study and application of beauty treatment for hair, nails, and skin. Some positions that fall under this industry include:

  • Hairstylist or barber
  • Beauty consultant
  • Stylist
  • Skin specialist
  • Esthetician
  • Nail technician
  • Cosmetology instructor
  • Product representative
  • Hair color specialist
  • Makeup artist

How Do You Become a Cosmetologist?

Most that enter cosmetology do so through Cosmetology Schools. These academic programs are designed to teach you a wealth of skills you will need in order to pursue your desired career path from safety and sanitation to chemical texturizing for hair.

In order to graduate from one of these schools with certification and become a licensed cosmetologist, students must complete the minimum number of required hours which varies by state. Students will also have to take and pass an exam which could be written and multiple-choice, hands-on, or a mix of both.

Students interested in attending a cosmetology school should look into their state’s requirements before getting started.

Are There Majors for Cosmetology?

There are some colleges out there that do offer majors for cosmetology students who are looking to get an Associate’s in the industry, but they can be difficult to find. In addition, there are quite a number of schools that offer cosmetology programs for certifications and licenses, but not degrees.

For example, Campbellsville University has a certification program at the Technology Training Center School of Cosmetology. Students can choose to study to become a makeup artist, esthetician, salon owner, instructor, or hairstylist. 

Utah State University, on the other hand, has a program for cosmetology where students can earn an associate degree through their College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences. Those who sign up for these courses will learn about cosmetology, nails, skincare, and barbering. 

What Majors Could Elevate Your Cosmetology Career?

While most schools don’t offer cosmetology as a major, there are areas of study that could help you elevate your career in the field! You don’t even have to earn a degree in one of these majors in order to apply the knowledge gained to your work.

  1. Art Majors. Art majors and classes, for example, can be a wonderful tool for makeup artists, hair stylists, and hair color specialists. You could learn unique methods that can translate to applying makeup for daily use and costumes, how colors work together, and how hair and fashion have evolved over the years.
  2. Business Majors. Another major that could change up your career in cosmetology is anything business related. Some in cosmetology do decide to open their own business, so classes in marketing, finance, and similar fields can help you grow your brand new company and have a leg up on the competition!
  3. English Majors. And English is another area of study that can be useful, especially if you want to write about hair, skin, and nail care. These courses can help you get positions in magazines or on niche websites, or you could opt to elevate your writing skills for your own blog.

What Are the Benefits of Pursuing a Career in Cosmetology?

There are quite a few benefits to working in cosmetology, especially if you’re a people person! Here are just some examples:

  1. Flexible schedule
    • Cosmetologists don’t have to work a 9 to 5 schedule and can offer a different approach to work-life balance which works well for some employees.
  2. You’ll meet new people
    • If you’re a people person, you’ll love this side of the job! You’ll constantly meet new people, and will forge life long relationships with some of your customers.
  3. Good job outlook
    • There is always a demand for cosmetologists, so it’s unlikely that this career field will see a dip in opportunities.
  4. Engaging
    • Between talking to clients and doing your work, the job is very engaging which allows the work to be more enjoyable and feel faster.
  5. Opportunities for entrepreneurs
    • Cosmetologists can opt to open their own businesses.
  6. Good earning potential
    • Between tips, becoming an entrepreneur, and the multitude of opportunities in cosmetology industries, there are plenty of jobs in this field that can have excellent earning potential.
  7. Uses creativity
    • If you’re a creative person, this type of work allows you to harness those skills and put them to work.
  8. You’re helping others
    • You are actively helping others feel good about themselves, assisting them in looking their best and improving their confidence.

Cosmetology is an excellent career field if you’re interested in beauty, skincare, hair care, nails, and art! Finding a college near you that offers a major in cosmetology can be tough, but quite a few do have their own cosmetology schools that you can apply to! 

Are you interested in majoring in something related to hair care, nail care, or art? Our Major search tool will help you find the areas of study that work for your goals! Use it for free here.