If you’re considering a major in hospitality, whether you’re interested in food service, restaurants, or event planning, you’ll be happy to learn that there are quite a few scholarships you can submit applications to. These are only three out of the dozens that you may quality for.

 NEWH Chapters Scholarships

Amount: Varies—$7,500

One type of award that is open to hospitality majors is the NEWH Chapters Scholarships. Often called “The Hospitality Industry Network,” NEWH’s Chapter Scholarships are only open to those schools that participate in the program. Awards are based off of the chapters’ financial funds and will vary between geographical locations.

To apply for the Chapters Scholarships, students must be enrolled in college, be halfway through their degree with a 3.0 GPA or higher, demonstrate financial need, and, of course, be majoring in the hospitality field. Applying students must also include a student essay, letters of recommendation, and transcript. You can find applications at your participating college.

In addition to the Chapters Scholarships, NEWH also offers the Icon of Industry award. You will have to meet all the requirements of the Chapters Scholarships, but also have participated in an internship and have an emphasis in a specific aspect of the hospitality industry that changes from year to year. It awards $7,500.

Marriott Scholars Program

Amount: Up to $9,000

The Marriott Scholars Program is funded by the Hispanic College Fund (HCF). Although the deadline has already passed for this year (February 16), it is an annual scholarship so you may want to remember it for this winter. The program awards up to $9,000.

You should note you must be Hispanic or of Hispanic descent to apply for the Marriott Scholars Program. Other criteria you have to meet includes being a full time student in either your freshman or sophomore year, majoring in a hospitality field, and maintaining a 3.00 GPA.

Hungry to Lead Scholarship

Amount: $500—$2,500

Another scholarship that is available to hospitality majors is the Hungry to Lead Scholarship which is actually made up of four awards: The Amana Leadership Scholarship for $2,500, The Hungry to Lead Scholarship for $1,500, and two Leadership Recognition Awards for $500 each.

To qualify for any of these four awards you must display leadership characteristics, have a 2.5 GPA minimum (or a 1300 SAT or 18 ACT score), and be a full time student working towards a food service or hospitality degree. You should be involved in extracurricular activities if you are considering applying.

The deadline did just pass, so make sure to save it for next year.

These are only three of the many scholarships that are available to you if you are majoring in the hospitality field. Broaden your search by using the many resources that are available to you, from your high school guidance counselor’s office to online scholarship databases to your college’s financial aid department. Remember not to restrict yourself to major related scholarships either; there may be hundreds out there that you quality for!

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