Careers with the Highest Job Openings

You’re in the thick of your college search and trying to find the best college match for you. There are so many criteria to evaluate when you choose a college. The size of the campus and surrounding community, the net price to attend, acceptance odds, and what you want to study.

The last one is often a driving factor for many college-bound students. Knowing what you want to major in and focus your academic career on can largely help you choose the right college fit for you. Schools are often ranked based on a specific major. If you know you want to study biology, then you can do your research to find the schools with top biology programs.

If you are undecided about an academic major, it’s time to do some research. Don’t worry, though, we are here to help. Figuring out what your interests and strengths are will largely help you choose a path. Your counselor can assist you with finding aptitude tests and so much more. Other important things to consider when choosing a major are what careers can come out of it. Students often evaluate those careers based on pay and openings, as well as the impact they would be making. We have compiled a list of jobs that are projected to have steady growth and a large number of open positions for when you graduate!

hot jobs for college grads (3)

  1. Elementary School Teacher
  2. Account and Auditor
  3. Secondary School Teacher
  4. Middle School Teacher
  5. Computer System Analyst
  6. Computer Software Engineer, Applications
  7. Network System Analyst
  8. Computer Software Engineer, Systems Software
  9. Construction Manager
  10. Market Research Analyst

Any of these catch your interest? Click on the title and read more about what you study and how you become a member of that profession. If teaching is your passion, it’s a good feeling knowing there are jobs waiting for you!


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