What Are Some Computer Science Careers?

Computer science careers are tremendously diverse, opening up many opportunities for individuals with varying skills and preferences. Some people get into the field because they love technology and want to work with computer hardware, computer repairs, or internet security. Others are more interested in the creative fields of coding, game design, and computer-generated graphic arts and designs. No matter what your preferences are, you will find numerous computer science careers that you can choose from. 

What are some computer science careers you could explore?

Web Designer

If you love working with code like HTML, JavaScript, or even Adobe software, a career in web design might perfect for you. Web designers have good eye for composition and are also skilled at developing applications for optimal functionality. This is a job where creativity and fun are just two of the many benefits you’ll receive.

Web designing is an ever-expanding field with tremendous job potential. Web designers are in more demand now than ever. Whether you want to design web sites or mobile applications for smartphones, this field requires a computer science degree as well as a strong business acumen.  

Software Developer

Is coding is your strong point? Do you enjoy creating new programs and applications? If so, software development is the path you may want to consider for your future career. The ability to understand and write in several different computer languages is an important skill in this computer science career. Software developers also need to have excellent communication, analytical, and organizational skills. This career is for you if you love to code and enjoy developing new software programs or creating innovative upgrades to older programs. 

IT Project Manager

Project managers are responsible for overseeing a project from start to finish. They usually work as part of a team consisting of programmers, as well as other IT professionals. A project manager ensures that the team works well together to complete the project on time and to specifications. This role requires strong organizational, leadership and time-management skills as well as exceptional oral and written communication. If you love working with people and computers and if you are a natural leader, then a career as an IT project manager may be a perfect fit.  

Forensics Computer Analyst

Do you love solving mysteries? Forensic computer analysts help police and other law-enforcement agencies. Part of their job involves figuring out what potential criminals have on their phones, computers, and other electronic devices. This information helps the authorities build cases against suspects. This is especially helpful when the potential criminal may already be dead or if they have been extradited to another area for similar crimes. This type of work is as important as it is fascinating. 

Computer Network Architect

If it weren’t for network architects, corporate and school computer systems as we know them wouldn’t exist. Network architects are the backbone workers for networks. These professionals do more than just run wires to create a network. They make sure the network can handle heavy internet traffic, that everyone can log in, and that the network is safe, secure, and always running.  Thus, computer network architects are essential in any school, business, or civic use of computers. Computer network architects are in great demand and it’s easy to see why! The network never really sleeps; thus, they are always ready for an emergency. 

Database Administrator

Database administrators make sure any database they are responsible for is safe, secure, and ready for customer usage whenever they need to. Performance and security for databases are their two top priorities. These professionals inspect the database regularly to ensure it is running efficiently and there are no security breaches within the database itself. Computer programming and also a basic understanding of how these programs work is essential for database administration. Some database administrators prefer to work on creating new customized databases that meet a client’s specifications. 

Information Research Scientist

Computer and information research scientists focus mainly on research. They study current computer systems and applications, working to find new and innovative ways to improve upon them. These professionals write and study algorithms so they may better analyze and understand large datasets. These datasets are then used to determine what kinds of products, services, and computer applications users are drawn to. The datasets also help determine which products and service customers are no longer using, and which are no longer being used at all. Information research scientists are in great demand. If you enjoy research and you love watching tech trends, this job may be a perfect fit.

Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer hardware engineers design and build computers using their extensive knowledge of electronics, technology, and engineering. They create and implement individual components such as processors, circuit boards, and microchips into systems so users enjoy an enhanced computing experience. They also develop and install computing peripherals such as keyboards, routers, and printers. Being a computer hardware engineer may be a good fit for you if you enjoy taking computers apart and upgrading computer systems.

Computer Science Teacher

Students don’t have to wait to get to college to start learning about computers. Today, advanced computer learning often begins in high or even middle school. If you would love to share your expert knowledge of computers with young students, you should consider a career in teaching. Computer science teachers prepare and impart both theoretical and practical lessons and exercises. They also help students understand computer theories and teach them how to use different computer software applications. Expert computer knowledge and excellent communication skills are essential requirements in this role.     

These are just some of the many exciting computer science careers that you can choose from. With computers already an integral part of our everyday lives, these are careers where employment is guaranteed for years to come.   

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