5 Great Computer Science Careers To Consider

Two computer scientists discussing over their blue laptops.Are you thinking about majoring in computer science during college? It’s a popular field of study, with countless applications in the job sphere. There are plenty of career opportunities for you, and the industry continues to grow and grow as new innovations are created!

Not sure what computer science career is right for you? Here are a few popular choices.

Software Developer

  • Average Median Wages: $103,620
  • Job Growth Rate Percentage: +23%

One option you have after you graduate with your computer science degree is to aim to be a software developer. In this position, you would create software programs that help users complete tasks. You may opt to work in applications or systems software, but both are projected to grow at a faster than average rate in the next few years.

To perform this job well, you’re going to need technical creativity, fluency in computer languages, and excellent communication skills.

Computer Systems Analyst

  • Average Median Wages: $88,740
  • Job Growth Rate Percentage: +14%

Another position that requires strong communication skills is a computer system analyst. These professionals analyze and improve computer systems, user requirements, and procedures. They also will identify problems, automate or improve existing systems, and review system capabilities, workflow, and limitations.

This job does require you to be on top of recent trends in tech too, so you’ll need to keep learning! Critical skills to consider include reading comprehension, systems analysis, writing proficiency, and deductive reasoning.

Computer Hardware Engineer

  • Average Median Wages: $114,600
  • Job Growth Rate Percentage: +10%

Do you prefer to work with the machinery of a computer, rather than the coding or software? You may want to consider a job as a computer hardware engineer then! Computer hardware engineers research, design, and test computer equipment in a number of fields.

Perfect for computer science majors, this job doesn’t require quite as much oral or written communication skills as the previously mentioned two (though they’re always helpful), but you do still need to stay up to date on the latest products, tech, and trends.

Web Developer

  • Average Median Wages: $69,430
  • Job Growth Rate Percentage: +17%

Do you want to add a bit of marketing, design, and branding know-how to your computer science degree? A web developer position may be the ideal choice for you then! Web developers are responsible for building, altering, or improving websites—which is vital in the age of the internet. They’ll handle the tech side of sites, which includes knowing technical SEO for their clients or organization.

Creativity and communication skills are two musts for this computer science job. Critical thinking, programming know-how, and active listening are also ideal traits to have. Becoming a web developer might be a great choice if you want to utilize both technical and artistic skills.

Information Security Analyst

  • Average Median Wages: $98,350
  • Job Growth Rate Percentage: +34%

It’s important to stay safe in the digital age, but it isn’t always easy—that’s where Information Security Analysts come in. Also known as Computer Security Specialists or Data Security Analysts, these professionals can monitor or improve security protocols for the protection of digital networks. They even can respond to computer security breaches and viruses.

To excel within this challenging career, you should have sharp critical thinking and complex problem-solving skills. Knowing a lot about telecommunication, technology, both hardware and software, and how to clearly talk to others are also key.

Other Computer Science Careers

There are plenty of choices when it comes to computer science careers! A few other jobs you’ll want to consider include

When working towards your computer science degree, it helps to get a clearer picture of what you’d like to do after you graduate. Using resources through your school can help. College Raptor also has the Career Center so you can take a look at popular jobs, median salaries, projected job growth, and more!

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