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Are online degrees taken seriously?
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Are Online Degrees Taken Seriously? 3 Simple Strategies to Make Sure Yours Will Be

With every mention of online colleges, there seems to be an accompanying mention of diploma mills and lackluster online schools, programs, or classes. There’s an unfortunate stigma surrounding online degrees and colleges that comes from years of shady organizations offering degrees to just about anyone who would pay the price. There have been more and …
A student typing on a laptop with a booklet next to them.
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7 Tips For Surviving Your Online Classes

Online classes have become more and more popular in recent years and it is no surprise why. Students can fit one more class into a busy schedule, take a class at a community college for a lower tuition rate, or even get their entire degrees online. Taking an online class can be incredibly appealing: You get to …
Khan Academy
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Khan Academy Can Help You Get Your Degree For FREE!

Khan Academy is a non-profit internet based company aiming to provide free online materials and resources to learners around the world. Started in 2005 by Salman Khan, the company is based around the idea that “you can learn anything”. Since its humble beginnings, when Khan was simply tutoring his cousins in math, the company has grown to …
The new PSAT is a bit different from the old one in terms of scoring.
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What in the World is Going on With the PSAT?

Today is the day! High school juniors (and some sophomores) who took the PSAT in October have been anxiously awaiting their scores. After all, scores were already delayed from their normal delivery of the second week in December. With all of the changes coming to the SAT, his year, the College Board announced that scores …
If you enjoy math, consider getting an online math degree.
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Online Math Degrees – Compare Online Math Programs

Students looking for a way to incorporate their love of numbers, problem-solving skills, and driven nature should consider a degree in Mathematics.  With multiple career options such as working as an actuary, researcher, mathematician, database analyst, statistician, or many others, an online math degree opens lots of doors. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates …
Here's what you need to know for the ACT science section of the test

ACT Science Section Study Guide – What You Need to Know For the ACT Science Section

Composed of 40 questions, the ACT science section gives students 35 minutes to complete it. Three types of questions make up the 40 questions: Data Representation, Research Summaries, and Conflicting Viewpoints. For each type, students receive a short passage containing all the necessary information to answer the questions. Passages may be descriptions of experiments, graphs, …