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Tips For Finding The Right Summer Program

How do you find the right summer programs student life
Enrolling in summer programs offers you the wonderful opportunity to do investigate potential majors, explore current interests more deeply, expand your horizons and gain valuable experience that can help you make better choices. These tips can help you find the right summer programs for you. Consider your goals If you are considering a specific major, …
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Advice For Transfer Applicants: A Few Do’s And Don’ts For A Successful Transfer Application

There are a few do's and don'ts of a transfer application. college applications
Students apply for transfers for a wide variety of reasons. Some may find that their present school does not offer them the challenge they thought they’d find. Others may have developed an interest in a subject not offered by their current college. Whatever the reason you wish to apply for a transfer, it is crucial …
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2 Tips To Make Your Extracurriculars Look Good On Your College Applications

college applications checklist college applications
Participating in any extracurriculars can give your college application a distinct edge over your competition. After all, colleges want students who participate in multiple activities. It demonstrates your commitment and time-management skills. You can use this to your advantage by impressing admissions authorities with your extracurricular involvement. These two simple tips will help you get …
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Tips to Help You Beat The Admissions Odds

Here are a few tips to increase your admission chances and get accepted into the college of your choice. college admissions
With the number of college applications far outnumbering the number of places available every year, colleges can afford to be super picky during the selection process. They set the benchmark very high so only the best of the best meet their stringent criteria. While getting accepted into the college of your choice may seem like …
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