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Who Should Write My Letter of Recommendation?

Who should write your letter of recommendation questions & answers
Most colleges require prospective students to submit at least one letter of recommendation as part of their application.  Some colleges specify that this letter should ideally be written by one of your teachers. Even colleges that ask for more than one letter will usually state that at least one should be written by a teacher. …
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How To Balance Grades With Extracurricular Activities

Having extracurricular activities, like choir, is important, but so is focusing on your grades. college applications
Grades and extracurricular activities are both very important for development. While every high school student understands the importance of balancing both aspects, many find themselves struggling to cope. The truth is, without a proper game plan, balancing grades and extracurricular activities can be incredibly stressful. You will find yourself focusing more on one while completing …
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Financial Aid Timeline: Know What to Do and When

financial aid
The financial aid process can be a bit daunting. Different forms of aid have different formalities, different eligibility requirements, and different deadlines too. The key to benefiting from the various financial aid schemes is to understand and keep track of the requirements and deadlines. Financial aid is typically distributed on a first come first served …
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How Do I Begin Looking for Student Loans?

How do you start looking for student loans student loans
Most students find that they need to utilize multiple funding sources to pay for their college tuition. Fortunately, there are several avenues you can explore when you are looking for student loans. Start by listing your personal savings and family contributions. While this may not be enough to cover the total cost of college tuition, …
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