Top Animal Genetics Bachelors degree Programs - 2023

A program that focuses on the scientific study of the genetics of multicellular animal life forms from the experimental, comparative, and clinical (veterinary and medical) viewpoints. Includes instruction in molecular genetics, gene expression, gene regulation, genomics, epigenetic phenomena, DNA recombination and repair, genetic interactions at the microbial and higher levels, and molecular evolution.

Students studying Animal Genetics can earn up to a Masters degree. On average, 27% percent of men and 73% percent of women make up the degrees awarded across all college campuses. Animal Genetics is has the largest number of granted degrees in South Carolina. The average annual income for a graduate with a bachelor's degree in Animal Genetics is $42,090.

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How popular is a Bachelors degree in Animal Genetics in SC

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59 degrees awarded
Bachelors degree in Animal Genetics makes up 0.58% of all Bachelors degree awarded in South Carolina

Top Colleges for Animal Genetics

If you’re interested in studying Animal Genetics, then you should consider applying to Clemson University! This school grants approximately 59 degrees at the Bachelors degree level in Animal Genetics per year.

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Careers for Animal Genetics Majors

Majoring in Animal Genetics, your experience is applicable to different careers. Animal Genetics majors go on to pursue jobs including Natural Sciences Managers and Biological Scientists, All Other which are in high demand. Some of the jobs with the highest salary for Animal Genetics majors include Natural Sciences Managers, Biological Scientists, All Other .

Top Paying Careers for Animal Genetics

  1. Natural Sciences Managers   (Median Wage: $94,660)
  2. Biological Scientists, All Other   (Median Wage: $87,090)

Most in Demand Careers for Animal Genetics

  1. Natural Sciences Managers
  2. Biological Scientists, All Other
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