Top Structural Biology Bachelors degree Programs - 2023

A program that focuses on the scientific study of submolecular and molecular components and assemblies of living systems and how they are organized into functional units such as cells and anatomic tissues. Includes instruction in glycoprotein, carbohydrate, protein, and nucleic acid structures and chemistry; cytoskeletal structure; nuclear and intracellular structures; molecular recognition; molecular chaperones; transcription and folding; multicellular organization; microtubules and microfilaments; cell differentiation; immunophysics; and DNA sequencing.

Students who are interested in Structural Biology can study up to a Masters degree. Currently, 15 students earn a some level of degree in Structural Biology around the US each year. More students graduate with a degree in Structural Biology in the state of Indiana compared to any other state. The average starting salary for a graduate with a bachelor's degree in Structural Biology is $44,700.

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How popular is a Bachelors degree in Structural Biology in IN

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8 degrees awarded
Bachelors degree in Structural Biology makes up 0.05% of all Bachelors degree awarded in Indiana

Top Colleges for Structural Biology

If you’re interested in studying Structural Biology, then you should think about applying to Indiana University-Bloomington! This institution grants around 8 degrees at the Bachelors degree level in Structural Biology per year.

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