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What to Do If You Can’t Afford Your Student Loan Payments

Can't make your student loan payments? There are options. student loans
It’s never a good feeling to look at your bank account and know that you don’t have enough to cover your bills. Unfortunately, too many people with student loans find themselves in this position after graduating. When the student loan payments come due, it can be a scary proposition. Some students haven’t been able to …
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3 Strategies for Saving Money on Your Student Loans

These strategies can help you start saving money on your student loans. student loans
Are you feeling stressed about your student loan payments? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Each year, hundreds of thousands of students graduate from college with debt. Some borrowed more than others, but almost all students agree that paying back your student loans can affect everything from buying a new car to buying your first house or even …
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Is Income-Based Student Loan Repayment Right For You? 8 Things You Need to Know

Doing some analysis can help you decide whether income-based repayment is right for your student loans. student loans
Many people with student loan debt hear about the federal government’s income-based repayment program (IBR) for direct loans and think it may be too good to be true. Who wouldn’t want to have their monthly payment capped at a fixed percent of their monthly income? If you’ve just recently graduated and you’re working an entry-level position …
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When to Refinance Your Student Loans: 5 Signs Now Is the Time

Refinancing your student loans could save you a lot of money. You may be wondering when to refinance your student loans student loans
Many students go through similar experiences with their student loans. When you’re in college, it all seems like some sort of distant reality. You know you’re accumulating student loan debt, but you haven’t considered how much you’ll ultimately owe, or what the payments will look like. Understandably so, because school is your main focus. But, …
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Student Loan Refinancing 101: 5 Steps to Start Refinancing Your Student Loans

Learn where to start refinancing your student loans student loans
If you’re like most students thinking about student loan refinance, then you’re probably feeling a whole lot of anxiety. You know that you could save money by refinancing (maybe?) but trying to unravel the process is like untangling your headphones after you’ve carried them around in your backpack all day. Consolidation? Refinance? Income-based repayment? What’s …
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Understanding College Debt Levels and Student Loan Payments

Many families get buried in huge college debt and massive monthly loan payments that they didn’t expect after graduation. College Affordability One of the reasons that we created College Raptor was to help make college more affordable for everyone, but even with our tool many students and families will have to take on loans to …
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