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Now is the Time to Refinance Your Student Loans — Here’s Why

If I was a betting man–and I am, given the right bet–I’d say that the odds are pretty good that right now is the time for you to start the process of refinancing your student loans. How could I possibly know that without knowing anything about your financial situation? Because there are many objective reasons …
Conquer your student loans with these two sites
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These Two Sites Will Help You Conquer Your Student Loans

Do you ever wish you had an “Easy” button that would help you sort out all of the questions and concerns you had about your student loans? What if you could conquer your student loans that easily? Do you have questions like: Can I get a lower interest rate? What is a “good” interest rate, …
Should I refinance my federal student loans without a cosigner? How do I do that?
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How to Refinance Your Student Loans If You Don’t Have a Co-Signer

One challenge that many borrowers run into when looking to take out or refinance student loans is the need to have a co-signer. Having a co-signer can make a big difference. A co-signer means an approved application or qualifying for better rates and repayment terms. Most lenders also consider student loans as unsecured debt, making …
Your student loans can actually save you money on your taxes
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PSA: Your Student Loans Can Save You Money on Your Taxes

It sucks paying student loans. But, once a year, you’ll be (at least a tiny bit) happy you have them: When it’s time to do your taxes. Turns out, you can save money on your taxes from your student loans. Most borrowers with student loans can, indeed claim a tax deduction for the interest they’ve paid …
You can save money refinancing student loans
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Here’s How Much You Could Save by Refinancing Student Loans

If you have student loans, you’ve no doubt heard someone mention refinancing student loans as an option. You may have even heard that it will save you a bunch of money. But, how much can you actually save? How does refinancing actually save you that money? In this post, we’ll break down how you can save …
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Benefits of Refinancing Your Student Loans with a Co-Signer

As many student borrowers have likely discovered, the process of refinancing your student loans can sometimes involve bringing on a co-signer. Why, you might ask, do I need a co-signer to refinance student loans that I already had without one? That’s a good question–but it also has a good answer. To put it simply: Student …
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How Student Borrowers Can Take Over Parent PLUS Loans

One of the messiest situations in student loan refinancing arises when a student is trying to consolidate and refinance their loans that were taken out by their parents to help them pay for school. This is a common occurrence because while in school, students are only allowed to borrow a certain amount in federal loans, …
LendKey has a network of local and regional lenders around the country that provide student loans and refinance/consolidation options.
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LendKey Review – Student Loans from Local and Regional Credit Unions

LendKey offers borrowers a way to refinance their student loans using local and regional credit unions, and community lenders. Going local is one of the main reasons people choose to use their service over other competitors, which tend to be large national or multinational corporations or services that connect borrowers with those lenders. Borrowing from …
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How to Lower Your Student Loan Interest Rate

Interest on your student loans may add thousands of dollars to your borrowing cost over the life of the loan. Scoring even a marginal drop in the interest rate could save you a substantial amount in accrued interest. With good credit and a stable income, you may be able to lower your student loan interest …

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