Scholarships For Undocumented Students

Undocumented students have access to relatively limited financial aid. They are not eligible for any type of federal student aid, which requires applicants to be US citizens or permanent residents. Only a few states allow undocumented students to benefit from lower in-state tuition rates or any type of state aid. But that doesn’t mean Scholarships for undocumented students.undocumented students don’t have access to any type of financial aid. There are several scholarships that undocumented students can apply for. The award money can help aspiring college students realize their dream of getting a higher education.

We’ve put together a few scholarships for undocumented students to help you get started. Some of these scholarships are intended specifically for undocumented students. Others are general scholarships that are open to all students. There are no restrictions regarding US citizenship or permanent residence.

List of Scholarships for Undocumented Students

Golden Door Scholars

Golden Door Scholars believes that opportunity should be influenced by tenacity and hard work, not by immigration status. This organization offers scholarships to help make a bachelor’s degree more affordable for undocumented students. The aim is to empower deserving recipients and give them the opportunity to define and improve their future.

You may be eligible for the Golden Door Scholars scholarship if you are undocumented or have DACA or TPS. You must be a recent high school graduate, currently enrolled undergrad or transferring from a community college. The funds are only available to students pursuing their undergraduate degrees. It does note apply toward graduate school.

You do need to have a high GPA and be involved in the community or have experience in leadership positions. Taking advanced or challenging classes in high school will give you the edge over the other applicants. Winners of this award, must maintain at least a minimum 3.0 GPA each semester.

All applications are considered, but preference is given to students who are academically successful and also involved in various extracurricular activities. The deadline to apply for Golden Door Scholar scholarships is usually in October.

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TheDream.US Scholarship 

TheDream.US is committed to helping motivated undocumented students graduate from college with career-ready degrees. The organization believes that nothing should stand in the way of a deserving student’s college education – not their immigration status nor

Recipients of this award are called DREAMers. All DREAMers are immigrant youth who entered the United States without any documentation at a very young age. The aim of this organization is to help undocumented students overcome the obstacles resulting from the high cost of college limited access to any type of governmental aid.

Applications for the TheDream.US scholarships open on November 1st of each year. You can apply if you entered the United States before November 1, 2016.

TheDream.US offers two types of scholarships – The National Scholarship and the Opportunity Scholarship.

The National Scholarship

The National Scholarship offers financial aid to high school students and community college graduates. To qualify for this scholarship you must have entered the United States before November 1, 2016. You should have been below 16 years of age at that time. You must also be eligible for in-state tuition at one of the organization’s partner colleges,

The award amount is a generous $16,500 for an associate’s degree and a more generous $33,000 for a 4-year bachelor’s degree. You can apply for this scholarship if you’re a high school or community college student applying for a 4-year degree.

The Opportunity Scholarship

The Opportunity Scholarship aims to help undocumented students who live in targeted, locked-out states where they don’t qualify for in-state tuition. Eligibility for this scholarship is based on your place of residence.

You can apply for this loan if you’re an immigrant student who came to the U.S. before the November 1, 2016. You don’t need the DACA or TPS to apply for this scholarship. But you must be enrolled in one of the Opportunity Partner Colleges to receive this award. The award amount is $80,000, which should cover all college costs including tuition, fees, books, food, and on-campus accommodation.

The Illinois Dream Fund (ILDF) Scholarship

The Illinois Dream Fund helps undocumented students get access to funding through their scholarship. Their goal is to ease the financial strains of college expense and enable deserving students overcome obstacles and reach their full potential. The organization offers more than financial aid and equips all applicants with the resources they need to make informed academic and career decisions.

You are eligible to apply for the Illinois Dream Fund Scholarship if you are an undocumented students. DACA and non-DACA individuals may apply. You must have graduated high school or received the GED in Illinois and have a minimum 2.5 GPA in high school or college to apply.

The deadline for the Illinois Dream Fund Scholarship is July 15, 2022.

Scholarship Application Tips

When researching scholarships for undocumented students, take time to read the requirements carefully. Shortlist those that you qualify for and make a note of the requirements. Pay special attention to the documents you need to submit, any essay requirements, and the deadline. Then work on getting everything ready.

Start working on your scholarship essay as early as possible. This will give you sufficient time to review and edit where necessary. If you need to submit a letter of recommendation, ask your letter writer much in advance. This will give them enough time to write a strong favor in your favor.

Last but not least, make sure to submit your scholarship application before the deadline. Most sponsors do not accept any applications that arrive after the deadline.


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