7 Scholarships for Students in Massachusetts


The hunt for scholarships can feel like it’s taking over your junior and senior years of high school. With essays to write, auditions and try-out’s to consider, and choosing which scholarships to actually apply for, it is easy to get overwhelmed.

So, if you live in Massachusetts, we’re doing some of the let work for  you. Here are 7 scholarships for students in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Cash Grant Program

Amount: Up to but not exceeding the amount of tuition and fees for the given award period

Deadline: Contact your aid office

This need based grant is offered to students who have been permanent residents of Massachusetts for at least one year. The grant works with the need based tuition waiver program and covers any additional charges and mandatory fees that students encounter. Students must be able to prove financial need through participation in the free/reduced lunch program and other need-based programs.

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Shaw-Worth Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $3,500

Deadline: March 25th

The Shaw-Worth Memorial Scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate a strong history of working on behalf of animals. Students must have demonstrated leadership in animal protection agencies and knowledge and understanding of humane ethics.

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Valley Press Club Scholarship

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: April 1st

Students interested in a career in print or broadcast journalism should consider applying for the Valley Press Club Scholarship. The group gives 5, $1,000 scholarships annually. Qualifying students must be high school seniors who reside in Western Massachusetts or Northern Connecticut and demonstrate writing aptitude.

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New England Water Works Association (NEWWA) Francis X. Crowley Scholarship

Amount: $3,000

Deadline: April 1st

Students looking to study civil engineering,environmental engineering, or business management at a four year institution are encouraged to apply for the NEWWA Francis X. Crowley Scholarship. Applicants must either already be enrolled or accepted into a program in one of the areas listed above to be eligible.

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Timothy S. and Palmer W. Bigelow Jr. Scholarship

Amount: $3,000

Deadline: May 31st

New England residents with an interest in Horticulture are encouraged to apply for this scholarship which was created in 1988 by the Bigelow family. Applicants must have at least a 2.25 GPA and be in either their second year of a two year degree, or third year of a four year degree.

Although applicants must reside in one of the 6 New England states (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont), they are not required to be enrolled at an institution in those states.

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Paul Tsongas Scholarship

Amount and Deadline: Varies

Students with a GPA of 3.75 or higher and competitive scores on their college entrance exams (ACT/SAT) may be awarded the Paul Tsongas Scholarship. A tuition waiver awarded to Massachusetts students who have ben residents of the state for at least one year.

Recipients of the award who keep a GPA of at least 3.3 are eligible to receive the waiver each year for 4 years.

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Rachel Butterworth Dietz Scholarship

Amount: $5,000

Deadline: September 15th

This scholarship offered by the Boston Flower Exchange Inc. is offered to students in the New England region who are planning to enroll in floriculture or ornamental horticulture programs. Applicants must currently be enrolled in a program, or be high school seniors who have already been accepted to a program.

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