Eagle Scout and Boy Scout Scholarships

Have you spent much of your childhood as a Boy Scout? Did you recently reach the rank of Eagle Scout or on the path to it? These scholarships may just be right up your alley, then! Make sure to mark your calendar with deadlines for these Eagle Scout college scholarships so you don’t miss out on the potential for free money!

Boy scouts on the states receiving their awards.

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1. Lawrence S. and Mabel Cooke Scholarship

The Lawrence S. and Mabel Cooke Scholarship is directly from the Boy Scouts of America – National Eagle Scout Association (NESA). Designed for Eagle Scouts who plan on attending college after high school, applicants must show that they were active not just as a scout but in their education and community. 

One applicant will receive a $48,000 scholarship over the course of four years and four will win $25,000 over the four year period. An additional student from each NST will also be eligible for a one-time $10,000 award. Applications are due by the end of January, but the portal to apply becomes available in December.

In order to apply, Eagle Scouts must:

  • Apply between their start of senior year of high school and junior year of college
  • Be attending a 4-year college for their bachelor’s degree
  • Not be attending a U.S. military academy
  • Demonstrate commitment to service, Scouting, their school, and the community
  • Explain why they need financial assistance if they have financial need
  • Be a NESA member and remain a member for the award period
  • Submit course schedule and transcript to prove full time
  • A thank you video if chosen as a winner

2. National Eagle Scout Association Scholarship

Also from NESA, this scholarship has similar requirements to the Lawrence S. and Mabel Cooke Scholarship with slightly different requirements. It awards two students with a one year $5,000 scholarship and one student from each NST with $3,500. The program also becomes available in December with applications due by the end of January.

Most of the requirements for the NESA Scholarship are the same as the previous award, but this one is available to Eagle Scouts who are in 2-year colleges or a trade school, too.

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3. Scout of the Year

The Scout of the Year Award from Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) is for Eagle Scouts, Girl Scout Gold Award recipients, Venture Summit Award recipients, and Sea Scout Quartermasters. Awarding $5,000, students must submit their application by the start of March and three winners will be selected.

In order to apply, eligible students have to:

  • Have demonstrated citizenship
  • Provide a photograph in uniform
  • Provide a school participation record that covers achievements, honors, participation in extracurriculars, and other relevant information
  • Submit a scouting record
  • Provide a resume of community service
  • Include 3 letters of recommendation

4. Scouting Scholarship

For students attending Abilene Christian University, there is the Scouting Scholarship. This award is for students who have earned Eagle Scout, Venturing Silver, Sea Scouting Quartermaster, Gold Award, or the American Heritage Stars and Stripes. Renewable each year, students can win $1,000. 

A scouting certificate is required to apply.

5. And More

The Boy Scouts of America website has dozens of available scholarships and grants for Boy Scouts and Eagle Scouts. There, students can find scholarships for different religions, amounts, and schools. Applicants can also use the filters to find awards dedicated to Cub Scouts, Eagle Scouts, Explorers, High Adventure Base Staff, Order of the Arrow, Scouts, Sea Scouts, and Adventurers. 

Some examples of these awards include

  • Harding University Scouting Scholarship
  • Rick Arkans Eagle Scout Scholarship Program
  • Sheryl A. Horak Memorial Scholarship
  • Josh Sain Memorial Scholarship
  • Emmett J. Doerr Memorial Scout Scholarship
  • Jimmy Spoo Summit Scholarship
  • University of Evansville Scouting Scholarship

These are just some of the awards that are out there dedicated to Boy Scouts and Eagle Scouts across the United States. Several schools have their own programs dedicated to those who have been distinguished as Eagle Scouts, too. To find additional information on awards you may qualify for, be sure to talk to your school counselor, use databases, and check with your troop to see about scholarships dedicated to Boy Scouts in your area.

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