Scholarships for Bilingual Students

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Being bilingual is a very impressive talent and it could actually net you a scholarship depending on the school you’re attending! Here are only three awards you may be eligible for if you are a bilingual student:

Bremer German Scholarship

The Bremer German Scholarship is one award you may qualify for if you’re a bilingual student! This one requires ability to speak in German with an interest in continuing to pursue mastery of the language. You don’t actually have to major in German but you must be attending Davidson College in order to apply for this award.

Granting $5,000, the scholarship goes to one incoming student every four years. To qualify, you must have a demonstrated interest in German, submit a letter describing your interest, experiences, and involvement in the language, and a letter of recommendation from a previous German teacher. You may also be able to renew the scholarship every year you attend Davidson if you meet the criteria which includes: a required minimum GPA, at least one German course per year, and progress towards your graduation date. Throughout your upperclassman years, you must take more advanced classes in German as well.

Clifford DeBaptiste Scholarship

The Clifford DeBaptiste Scholarship is open to students who are attending the West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Awarding $500, it is available to freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are majoring in bicultural and bilingual social work.

In addition to having an interest in bilingual work, students who wish to apply for the award must have high grades, a demonstrated commitment to the community, leadership qualities, and involvement with at-risk populations.

Kurt Georg Memorial Scholarship in Mathematics

The Kurt Georg Memorial Scholarship in Mathematics is a bit of an odd one that has highly specific qualifications! Only open to mathematics majors who are attending Colorado State University, you must also have an interest in linguistics, fine arts, music, humanities, community service, or leadership. If you are a bilingual student majoring in math, this is the perfect scholarship for you.

The award amount varies from year to year, but the application requires a minimum GPA of 3.0, an essay, and a demonstrated interest in one of the subjects listed above. It is open to all mathematics students, from freshman to senior years, who are attending Colorado State University.

These are only three of the many scholarships that are open to bilingual students. Ensure you are doing plenty of research into the several other awards that are available to you. You may also want to consider asking your college if they have specific bilingual scholarships if you are not attending one of the three above. You may be surprised and find the perfect award to apply for.

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