State Grants for Kansas Students

The state of Kansas offers several grants and scholarship programs to its students! Check out some examples below and make sure to visit the Kansas Board of Regents website to get further information about applying to each.

Kansas College Grants

Kansas Career Technical Workforce Grant

For those pursuing a technical certificate or an associate of applied science and are planning on entering a high-need field, there is the Kansas Career Technical Workforce Grant. To apply, students need to:

  • Complete the verification form
  • Submit their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by April 1st
  • Submit their State of Kansas Student Aid Application by May 1st

The reward is renewable as long as the individual meets certain criteria, including maintaining satisfactory academic progress and re-submission of the application. and full-time students can receive up to $1,000 per year. Part-time students can receive up to $800.

Some careers that qualify for the grant include fire science/firefighters, information technology, medical assistant, agriculture business, and electrical technology.

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Kansas Computer Science Educator Scholarship

The Kansas Computer Science Educator Scholarship is for K 12 teachers who are enrolled in college or for those who are actively going after their license to teach. A computer science course is required, but individuals can win $1,000 if they qualify. A FAFSA isn’t technically required but it is recommended for priority consideration. Priority consideration is granted to students and teachers from underrepresented socioeconomic demographic groups or those who will teach in rural or underrepresented schools.

Kansas Ethnic Minority Scholarship

Dedicated to several ethnic/racial groups, this scholarship gives priority to students who recently graduated high school and met at least one of the following academic requirements:

  • GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Ranked 33% or higher in high school
  • Finished Kansas Scholars Curriculum
  • An ACT score of at least 21 or SAT of 1060
  • Recognized by the National Merit Corporation
  • Recognized by the College Board as a Hispanic Scholar

Students must also complete their FAFSA and State of Kansas Student Aid Applications to reply. The award of up to $1,850 a year can be renewed annually if the individual meets certain criteria in the following years.

Kansas State Scholarship

Students who have demonstrated financial need and are graduating high school in the top 20-30% can be eligible for the Kansas State Scholarship. Those who apply also need to have certification saying they completed the Kansas Scholars Curriculum and documentation naming them a Kansas State Scholar. The FAFSA and State of Kansas Student Aid Application are both required for this $ 1,000-a-year award.

This particular scholarship is renewable for up to 5 years, but students have to maintain a 3.0 GPA, be attending college full time, and still have financial need to reapply.

Kansas Promise Act Scholarship

The Kansas Promise Act Scholarship is designed for students entering one of our four fields: information technology and security, mental and physical health care, advanced manufacturing and building trades, and early childhood education and development. The Board of Regents at your college may consider a few other fields of study upon review and approval.

Your school will decide how much you will receive based on financial need for up to $20,000, but not all colleges in the state of Kansas participate in the program.

And More

Here are a few other Kansas grants for undergraduate college students may be eligible for:

  • Kansas Comprehensive Grant
  • Kansas Hero’s Scholarship
  • Kansas Military Service Scholarship
  • Kansas National Guard Educational Assistance
  • Kansas Nursing Service Scholarship
  • Kansas Teacher Service Scholarship
  • Kansas ROTC Service Scholarship
  • Kansas Career Work Study

Where Can You Find More Information about Iowa College Grants for Students?

For additional information about college grants for students in Kansas, head over to the Kansas Board of Regents website. There students and parents can find information about each of the scholarships listed above, graduate scholarships, application details, and more. The website also contains details on universities, colleges, workforce development, financial aid, and college-related data.

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