State Grants for Iowa Students

Are you graduating high school in Iowa? Or perhaps planning to attend a college in the state? Iowa offers quite a few grants, scholarships, and other financial aid opportunities for its students. Keep reading to find out what’s available.

Iowa College Grants

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1. Future Ready Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship

For students that have a gap between current grants and the cost of higher education, there is the Future Ready Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship. This award is available for students who meet certain criteria (much of these criteria must be met if you want to remain eligible, too):

  • Have recently graduated high school or received an equivalent diploma
  • Are attending school at least part-time
  • Attend a college orientation session
  • Work with an advisor on academic goals and scheduling
  • Attend career advising sessions
  • Meet academic criteria set by the school
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by August 1st
  • Be attending a participating Iowa college

2. All Iowa Opportunity Scholarship (AIOS)

The AIOS is another award available to Iowa college students. To be eligible, the student has to be attending an eligible Iowa college, take at least 3 semester hours, and complete their FAFSA by March 1st. An eligible Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is also required.

The monetary amount granted by this scholarship changes every year, but the award was just under $5,000 for the 2022-23 school year. It is renewable. 

Priority will be given to students of certain groups, however, including those in foster care, children of deceased public safety workers, and students who participated in certain programs such as Upward Bound, the Federal GEAR UP Grant program, and others.

3. Karen Misjak GEAR UP Iowa Scholarship

The Karen Misjak GEAR Up Iowa Scholarship can be put towards nearly any school-related expenses, but students had to have participated in the GEAR Up Iowa Program first. Other requirements include:

  • Be under the age of 22
  • Complete the FAFSA
  • Enrollment in at least 3 semester hours at an eligible school

The scholarship can be renewed as long as the FAFSA is completed each year and the student maintains academic standards set by the school. Full-time students are eligible for $600, while part-time students receive less.

One thing to note about this award is it can be put towards education outside of the state of Iowa, as long as it is still eligible (Title IV college/university)

4. Governor Terry E. Branstad Iowa State Fair Scholarship

For students that have previously participated in the Iowa State Fair, there is the Governor Terry E. Branstad Iowa State Fair Scholarship. This award offers up to $5,000 (the actual amount is based on financial need) for up to 10 students. A 400-word essay on the impact of the fair on their life, extracurriculars, community activities, and volunteer work are required as they play a big role in deciding who will receive the award.

5. And More

Other Iowa college grants and financial aid programs available to students include:

  • Iowa Tuition Grant
  • Kibbie Grant (also known as the Iowa Skilled Workforce Shortage Tuition Grant)
  • Iowa National Guard Service Scholarship
  • Iowa Vocational-Technical Tuition Grant
  • Education and Training Voucher (ETV)
  • Robert D. Blue Scholarship
  • Gap Tuition Assistance Program

Where Can You Find More Information about Iowa College Grants for Students?

Iowa College Aid’s website, hosted by, has several resources on scholarships, grants, repayment programs, student loans, and more – it contains all the criteria and applications needed to apply for the above grants, too! Students and parents can also find extremely useful information on the website including pages and articles on the FAFSA, Iowa financial aid, planning for college, attending college, financial aid packages, and more. 

For many students, grants, scholarships, and federal student loans won’t cover the full cost of attending college. Using our Student Loan Finder allows you to identify the best loans for your needs and compare your options.

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