Tips For Finding A Summer Job

Whether it's for the paycheck or the work experience, summer jobs are important

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Whether you are looking for a summer job to earn some money that you can put towards your college tuition, or you are looking for some work experience or an insight into a career, these tips will help you find a summer job that meets your requirements.

Start Your Search Early

The single most important thing you can do to find a suitable summer job is to start your search early before all the vacancies get filled up with other students also looking for summer jobs. Discuss your plans with your parents, relatives, and friends even before the summer break starts so if they can ask around at their workplaces. It would be a shame if they knew of jobs available but there were already taken.


Surf the Web Daily

The internet is an incredibly useful tool when it comes to the job search. Between job-aggregate sites like Indeed or CareerBuilder, and resume sites like LinkedIn, students of all ages can find a multitude of opportunities, and often apply online as well.

Go Through The Local Newspapers Everyday

Local businesses know that students would be looking for summer jobs. The best way for them to reach out to those who would like to take on the opportunity is by placing advertisements in the local newspapers. Go through the papers and if you see any opening that is appropriate, send in your application right away.

Check Out Local Flyers

Some smaller businesses may not advertise on the internet or even through the local newspapers but they will post up flyers advertising their opportunities. Keep your eyes open and get those contact details if you come across something that sounds like it may be worth applying to. Better still, click a photograph of it with your mobile phone so you have all the details in one place and no chance of losing them unlike those scraps of paper.

Summer Activities Are Where The Jobs Are At

Summer is when all adventure, camping, and other outdoor activities kick into high gear. Companies that organize summer camps are always in need of extra camp advisors and supervisors to help them out during these busy months. Amusement parks also hire additional staff to handle the throngs of people who visit during the summer vacation. They need staff for their ticket counters, to monitor lines for various attractions, serve food at their various cafes, and several other activities. The opportunities are endless.

Don’t Hold Out For That ‘Perfect’ Job

Your ideal summer job may be working at the local surf shop or at the wedding gown boutique, but if they are not looking for temporary help during the summer months, that wish is not going to come true for you. Be realistic. This is not the time to be super-picky or to have a ‘this-job-or-nothing’ attitude. If there are no openings in the position or venue that is top of your list, settle for second-best.

Always Be Professional

You may be applying for a temporary summer job but that does not mean you can afford to take it lightly. Submit a professional application. Dress professionally for the interview. If you get the job, take it seriously and work hard. It may not seem like it, but your employers will notice. In return, you will get an open invitation to return and a stellar letter of recommendation.

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