Tips For Finding The Right Summer Program

How do you find the right summer programs

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Enrolling in summer programs offers you the wonderful opportunity to do investigate potential majors, explore current interests more deeply, expand your horizons and gain valuable experience that can help you make better choices.

These tips can help you find the right summer programs for you.

Consider your goals

If you are considering a specific major, look for summer programs that allow you to test or enhance your interest. If you are looking to improve fundamental skills such as math, writing, or science, consider enrolling in an academic program that will help you make meaningful progress. Testing the waters during the summer will give you a feel for what’s to come. If you don’t like the subject, that’s fine! Try another program.

Keep your budget in mind

Programs range from free to thousands of dollars. You don’t want to blow your college tuition fees on a summer program so be careful not to over-extend. Keep in mind what your budget is, and if there’s any financial aid available.

Factor in the timeline of summer programs

Summer programs vary considerably in their duration, from a few days to six or more weeks. The longer the program the more time you will have to really accomplish anything meaningful. Short programs, on the other hand, may not help you achieve the outcome you were hoping for. Consider doing a short program only if you are really tight on time.

Start your search early

Programs fill up fast and some have early deadlines. Starting your search early will give you plenty of time to research all opportunities and admission criteria and get your application ready to submit before the deadlines.

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