5 Tips for Finding the Right Club in College

Extracurricular activities in college are just some of the perks of getting a higher education, and finding the right club can make all the difference. Clubs are a great way to meet new friends, try new things, and even decompress after a long stressful week of schoolwork.

Finding the right club in college can change your whole experience and lead you to places you may have not been able to get to before. With several student clubs available on each campus, it’s important to know your options and how to navigate them. Here are College Raptor’s tips for finding clubs and extracurricular activities during college for interested students. 

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1. Join an Academic Club

Academic clubs are popular on every college campus. No matter your college major, you can find an academic club that goes with it. If you’re on the pre-med track you can join a pre-med club, chemistry club, or even a biology club. If you’re a business major look for clubs that help with your professionalism and even network you with business leaders of other companies. You’ll meet like-minded students and work on your professional skills.

Sometimes these clubs take educational field trips to labs, businesses, and other places to show students what it’s like to work there. But how do you find an academic club? Well, most colleges have a webpage on their site that will list the available clubs at your school. If not, you can always ask your professors, advisors, or even other students if they know of any academic clubs in college. 

2. Join a Fun Club

Not every club you join needs to be related to your education. After a long day of schoolwork, you may not want to go straight to your economics club. Sometimes you just need a hobby or activity that helps you destress and get your mind off of your coursework. Look up the clubs available on your school’s website or talk with peers in your class to find one you might be interested in.

If you like gaming, cooking, or soccer, there is probably a club at your college for those activities. Some of our favorites are a snowboard club, a women’s rugby club, and an equestrian club, but the choice is up to you! The great thing about a “fun” club is there is usually minimal responsibility and you can show up throughout the semester whenever you can. Be sure to check your club rules about attendance if you’re not willing to make a full commitment. 

3. Join a Cultural Club

There are so many types of college clubs, extracurricular activities, and student associations, but one that is super important to get involved in is a cultural one! Whether you want to continue to practice your customs from home in your college life or learn more about your culture, these clubs will help you do that. Clubs like the Latin American Student Organization, the Muslim Student Association, and the African Student Association are great options if you identify with them. You’ll work with community partners and participate in campus activities to showcase your culture. 

4. Try Something New

Maybe there’s something you’ve always wanted to try but never had the chance to. Did you ever want to improve your tennis skills or learn how to garden? How about learning new yoga poses or learning a new language? Drama club, creative writing club, and robotics club are all great options to explore. There are clubs for all of those activities! You may even stumble upon something that you never knew you were good at until now. It may sound cheesy, but trying new things and new clubs in college can change the trajectory of your college career and even life! 

5. Make Friends in Clubs

If you’re new to college, making friends can make you feel like a child again. You want people to like you but you don’t want to seem desperate. Clubs are the perfect place to meet new people. 

Initiate a conversation. If you see someone else who is by themselves or not talking to anyone, just go up to them and introduce yourself! Say that you’re also new to the club and ask them about what they’re studying. These simple questions can spark a friendship that will last the semester or even your whole college career.

Speak with the leaders. Each club will usually have members that lead the whole thing like a club president. Introduce yourself as a new member at the beginning or end of the club meeting. They can connect you with other members and introduce you if you don’t want to initiate a conversation with others on your own. 

Be open-minded. Odds are, these clubs have so many different people with different backgrounds. There may be members who you would never have been friends with outside of the club, but this one common interest brought you together. Be open-minded when talking to other members and you might find yourself a new friend that brings you a breath of fresh air. 

Reaping the Benefits

Joining clubs in college can help you make friends, learn new skills, and beef up your resume. You can even find college mentors! No matter your reasoning behind joining a club in college, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. Each club will have its own rules, meet dates, club events, and leaders. So be sure to check it out first before becoming a member. If you find one you like, your student participation goes a long way and helps keep the clubs funded by the school. Check with your college website, advisors, the campus newspaper, and other college students to find the best clubs available at your school. 


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