Why Do Colleges Require an Application Fee?

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Most colleges in the US require students to pay college application fees. With an average of around $40 to $50, the cost of applying to multiple schools can quickly add up. This can pinch your pocket real hard especially when you are already exploring loan options to cover your tuition.

So why exactly do colleges require college application fees and is it right for them to do so?

Private colleges are businesses.

All private colleges are in fact businesses—they are in the business of education. While that always remains their main goal, they also have to make a profit in order to stay in business. College applications submitted online don’t have an automated review process. Every college hires several admissions specialists to assess every application that comes. Colleges pay experts to do this and it’s only fair that colleges pass this cost on to applicants. The application fees are not used to offset any other costs. They are used strictly to cover the cost of the assessment and admissions process.

Another reason why they charge.

Another reason why colleges charge application fees is to ensure that they only receive applicants from students who are serious about enrolling in their program. If there were no fees levied, students would just send out applications to every school possible in the hopes of increasing their odds. Having to pay a fee forces students to put more thought into where they want to apply.

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