9 People You Meet Working in Customer Service

Working in customer service means you’ll end up meeting a lot of people, including ones who aren’t very nice. Here are 9 kinds of people you will meet while working in customer service:

1. The person who swears they “didn’t break it” or “didn’t use it”

Right, it came that way…and that’s definitely not duct tape.

2. The person who refuses to pay full price

“So I get a discount just for being me, right?”

3. The person who knows more than you/can do your job better than you

You really think you can do my job better than me? Here. And don’t forget that you’ve got two calls on hold, six emails to follow up on, and a meeting in 10 minutes.

4. The person who “used to work here”

Really?! Thats so interesting! But, now you don’t so please let me do my job.

5. The person who never makes mistakes and is never wrong

“I’m right, you’re wrong”

6. The midwesterner who apologizes for your trouble

“I’m so sorry to have to make you check on this”

7. The person who only wants to talk to a manager

“I don’t care that you’ve been doing this for 15 years and you don’t have a manager. I want to speak to a manager”

8. The person who is shocked to find out you speak english

“Wow, you speak really clear english!” — “Thanks! I grew up in Ann Arbor.”

9. The person who is convinced you’re lying

“you’re LYING! stop LYING!”