You Can Survive The Stressful College Application Season With This One Tip

Don't stress about the college application season with this one tip

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There’s no denying that college application season is stressful, and for some students it can become completely overwhelming. You have to work on that all-important essay and your writing skills, study for the standardized tests in different ways, get in some extracurricular activities, and do all the prep work for getting recommendation letters.

While there’s no way to reduce the number of things that need to be done, this one tip will help you reduce your stress levels significantly.

Create An Application To-Do List

It’s almost impossible to keep track of everything that needs to be done when putting your application together. It can be even more challenging when you are applying to multiple colleges. Each college has different requirements, not just with documentation but also regarding essay specifications.

Complicating things further is the fact that different schools have different submission deadlines. It would be devastating if you put in all of your efforts towards building an impressive application only to realize that the deadline has passed.

When building their college list, students start by creating separate sections. In each section, write down the college requirements as well as the submission deadline. Then make a detailed list of exactly what you need to do for each school and the date within which you need to get it done.

In fact, College Raptor can be a big help in keeping everything organized! With your free account, you can keep track of which colleges you’ve applied to, where you’re at in the application process, write notes, and more right on your My Colleges page!

A to-do list will help you stay organized and on track and just this one thing can reduce your stress levels considerably.


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