The Benefits of Volunteering During the College Search Process

Did you know that volunteering in high school could give you plenty of advantages when applying to colleges? It, of course, will give you something to put on your resume, even after you graduate, but it could make an impact on your life sooner rather than later. Check out these three benefits of volunteering during the college search process.

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You’ll Boost Your Acceptance Chances

When you apply to a college, they will likely be asking about your work, volunteering, and extracurricular activities on their applications. Volunteering looks amazing on a college application and could be exactly what you need to get that acceptance letter. This is especially the case if you’re tied with another student who did not volunteer. It could mean you get the acceptance while they don’t.

It shows schools that you take initiative and truly care about your community. That’s what colleges are looking for in a student – that you will go above and beyond, and make a difference at their school and once you graduate.

You’ll Boost your Scholarship Chances

Just like colleges, scholarships are also looking for students who take initiative. It can give you that extra little bit you need to stand out to the judges. Many scholarships are also designed around proving you’re a part of your community, and volunteering shows that.

Some awards will even require that you volunteered a certain amount of hours. The Bright Futures program in Florida, for example, requires you to perform community service hours, the amount dictated by the scholarship amount. Other awards will also be built around volunteering, meaning they’re solely dedicated to individuals who volunteered during high school, and you won’t be able to apply if you haven’t.

You’ll Have More to Write About

Most college applications and many scholarships will require you to write an essay. Do you know what you’ll write about?

For those who volunteer, the brainstorming session and actual writing may come a bit easier. You’ll be able to write about your unique experiences in community service. Such as how it changed you as a person, or how it plays a role in your intended career. It could be the entire focus of your essay or just a tiny portion. It’s up to you, but it will give you plenty of experience to draw from.

Volunteering During the College Search Process

Volunteering can absolutely lead to a ton of benefits while you search for your colleges. It can help you gain that edge that’s needed when it comes to college admissions, scholarship applications, and essay material. Volunteering can help you gain experience in your intended field or be an excellent experience to include in your resume. You never know – it could lead directly to a job opportunity with the organization you volunteered with!

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