Types of Volunteer Opportunities for Your College Applications

Here are some types of volunteer work for students looking to boost their college application.

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Whether you are in high school or college, volunteering is an amazing thing. In addition to looking great on any college application or job resume. volunteering gives you experience while giving back to your community and the world. Even if you’re too young to hold a job yet, you may not be too young to give something back. If you’re not sure where you should volunteer, here are a few types of volunteer work that may be available through your community.

Help Children

One way to volunteer is to join programs that help children. During the summer and on weekends, there are camps or clubs, such as the Boys and Girls Club, that are always looking for volunteers to help organize activities. Many schools also offer programs that have volunteers read to underprivileged students or tutor those who are struggling in their courses. If you have a class that is your strength, you can definitely help out those who don’t grasp it as quickly.

Other chances include coaching or assistant coaching little league teams for your school or community, programs like Toys for Tots, or help disabled children through one of the organizations such as The Arc. Hospitals in your area may also be looking for people to hold premature babies.

Help Your Community

There will always be those around the world who need help, and that includes your community. Almost all towns or at least your city area will have a homeless shelter. This may be a place for the homeless to stay overnight. But, many also have food pantries where they need people to hand out meals.

Park or town cleanup is always needed and appreciated by everyone. Some other opportunities you may want to participate in are volunteering at your local or school library, volunteering for local adult sports clubs, or help out at a senior citizen’s home. If you’re in college, there will most likely be several clubs that are dedicated to helping out the community, from building parks to clean up to participating in blood donor drives.

Help Animals

Animal shelters are constantly in need of assistance. Many are overrun with cats and dogs and there’s not enough space, time, or people. Between the cleaning, adopting out, marketing, veterinarian visits, grooming, walking, and more, there’s a lot to handle. You can help out just by cleaning the cat litter pans, taking part in playtime, walking the dogs, or even fostering if you or your family has the means.

In addition to animal shelters, there are also rescue groups that may be nearby. These include ones for cats and dogs, but there are also wildlife rescues. They need the same things the animal shelters do. If you’re planning to work with animals, volunteering now provides great opportunities and lessons for your future.

Volunteering can be truly rewarding work, both for yourself and the community. Consider what you enjoy or what you’re good at, and explore the different types of volunteer work in that area. If you’re not sure where you could help out the most, contact your guidance counselor, local high school or college clubs, or City Hall to ask about volunteering opportunities in your area.

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