List Your Extracurricular Hours on Your College Application

List your extracurricular activity hours on your college application

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Believe it or not, GPA and test scores are not the only things that matter in a college application. Far from! There are essays to consider, letters of recommendation, academic rigor, and of course extracurricular activities. Potential colleges want to know who you are, in and out of the classroom—and your extracurricular activity actually plays a big role in that.

Participating in one or two activities is ideal (quality over quantity) because colleges like to see dedication and effort. It also shows an interest outside of academics And what better way to show that dedication than by counting the extracurricular activity hours you put into them?

Time in Extracurricular Activities

Time is a precious commodity, and how you spend it says a lot about you as a person. You can enhance your application by listing out the time you put into each of your extracurricular activities.

For example, if you participated in a sport, how many years did you play and how long were your practices? How many times a week before or after school? How many competitions did you go to?

Or if you volunteer regularly, how often? How long was each session? Where did you volunteer?

Beneficial Facts

An ideal way to show your dedication to something is by presenting the facts—the number of practices, the pre-seasons weekend-long camps, the number competitions or shows. By listing the time facts on your application, you give the admissions team quantifiable information that they can then take into consideration. It’s a small touch, but a helpful one. It shows what you’ve done with your time outside of academics and shows a side of you that isn’t just your grades and test scores.

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