3 Things High Schoolers Must Do to Prepare for College

There are lots of bits and pieces that go together to create an impressive college application and the earlier you start, the more time you will have to put together an application. This can be especially important if you are applying to a highly competitive college. You need every little bit to get the edge over the other applicants.

Here are three things you should do to prepare for college during high school:

Test Prep & The ACT / SAT

Entrance exams are a big part of college prep, as is studying for them. The PSAT, PreACT, ACT, and SAT are key elements to any college application, so it’s important to prepare and score well.

Scoring well on the PSAT may also qualify you for the National Merit Scholarship Program, which means more free money for your college education. Higher scores on the ACT/SAT can also mean qualifying for more scholarships.

Applications & Letters of Recommendation

Crafting a great college application takes time and effort, so start early—especially if you’re considering applying ED / EA. A lot goes into a college app: GPA, class rank, test scores, extracurricular activities, essays, letters of recommendation, and more.

Most colleges require applicants to submit more than one recommendation letter, usually from a high school teacher, counselor, or coach. Choose your letter writer carefully and ask them early. Some teachers receive several requests and cannot oblige all requests. Make sure you give them all the information they require to write a compelling letter recommending you.


Focus on your chosen extracurricular activities

Participation in extracurricular activities plays a significant role in your college admission chances. However, the key is to choose one or two activities and excel in them rather than spend a couple of weeks, or lightly participate, in many activities. Focusing on one or two shows dedication. Prepare for college during your high school years by picking your activities and focus on excelling in them.


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