What To Do While Waiting For College Acceptance Letters

What should you do while waiting for your college acceptance letters

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After you’ve written out your last essay and sent in your last college application, there are still a few things you need to do while waiting for your college acceptance letters to come in.

Check Your Emails At Least Once A Day

Checking your emails every day is absolutely crucial. The admissions or financial aid office of any of the colleges you have applied to may ask you to submit additional information or documentation before they can make a final decision. You definitely do not want to miss these emails. If you usually communicate via WhatsApp and don’t tend to check your emails daily, create a reminder on your corkboard or your cell phone. Check your spam folder too, just in case.

Don’t limit yourself to just checking your emails. Every once in awhile, log in to the colleges’ portal to check the status of your application. See if there are any notifications sent through that did not make it to your mailbox. Unfortunately, these things happen more often than you may realize between sending your application and receiving any college acceptance letters.

Complete All Financial Aid Formalities

At this point, you should’ve already filed the FAFSA and gotten into contact with the school’s financial aid office—if not, hop to it! You don’t want to miss out on easy money.

This is a good time to follow up, double-check information, and ensure everything’s in place.

Apply For Scholarships

Scholarships are your golden ticket to getting free money towards college so you definitely want to spend as much time as you can looking for and applying to all the scholarships that you are eligible for. You can apply for and accept all the scholarship money that you win. It makes every minute that you spend searching for opportunities totally worth it.

Look for scholarships online, in your local newspapers, community and church bulletins, and your high school notice board. Don’t forget to check with your parents’ employers. May organizations offer scholarships to employees’ dependents.

Continue Working On Your Grades & Extracurriculars

It’s easy to let your motivation slide now that your applications are all sent out. Don’t make that mistake. High grades and strong extracurriculars could be the deciding factor when a college is trying to decide between two equally ranked students. An impressive mid-year report from your school, a recent accomplishment in your chosen activity or recognition for your recent contribution to the community could make the difference between a college acceptance, a waitlist or an outright rejection.

There’s plenty to do even after you have submitted all of your college applications so keep up the tempo and don’t let it slide. It can be difficult to pick up the pace later.

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