Things to Do While Waiting for Your for ACT / SAT Results

Waiting for results? Do some of these listed things while you're passing the time.

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After submitting the test comes the waiting game. Two or three weeks is the average turn around to getting your results, but it can be a nerve-wracking time. You worked hard, studied hard, and survived—but what’s your score? Waiting for your results can be difficult.

Fortunately, there are plenty of things to do in the meantime.

Register to Take the ACT / SAT Again. Study.

If you’ve got the time left, it could be beneficial to retake the test again. Why do that without knowing your scores? Most students who retake the test get a higher score the second time around, and if you submit more than one test the university will super-score your results—taking the highest sub-scores from each time you tested!

Use these weeks to register again and study up on areas that gave you trouble on the test. Now you know what you’re in for and you can focus your studying efforts.

Work on Your College Application

There are many elements besides ACT / SAT scores that go into an application. This can be a great time to work on creating or refining those parts:

Focus on School Work

College prep takes a lot of effort, so sometimes regular classes and tests can fall by the wayside. Without the ACT / SAT looming, you can give proper attention back to your classes, projects, and subject tests. Any boost to your GPA is well worth the effort.

Treat Yourself

The ACT / SAT is a big deal that requires a lot of hard work (and stress). Now that you’ve finished, it’s time to reward yourself. Go see a movie, buy that top you like, have a Netflix binge marathon with your friends.

And when you’re done waiting and finally get your ACT / SAT results, check out how they affect your admission odds to certain colleges right here on College Raptor!