How Can I Determine My Odds of Getting Into a College?

Have you ever looked at a school and wondered “What are my odds of getting into a college?” It’s a question that all high school students will ask themselves while building out their college lists. While it’s all well and good to have a few dream schools on there, you’ll need to determine some schools that you have a good chance of getting into.

But how do you do that?

Here are some things you will need to look at to determine your chances of getting into any college.

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Look at the Average GPA/Test Scores of Admitted Students

Knowing the average GPA and / or Test Scores of current freshmen is one way to assess your chances of getting accepted into that college.

Your acceptance odds are better if your GPA and test scores are higher than that of the average applicants. These colleges should be listed under your “safety colleges” category.

Have lower than average GPA and test scores? Your odds of acceptance may not be as good. These colleges will be in your “reach” category, or long shot colleges.

If your GPA and est scores are in the middle 50% of the recently accepted students, you have about a 50% chance of getting accepted. Consider these as your “match” or target colleges.

Check Out The School’s Acceptance Rates

The school’s acceptance rate is also a pretty good indicator of your chances of being accepted into that specific college. The acceptance rate is the ratio of the total number of accepted students to the total number of applicants. This is based on first-time, first-year students.

A low acceptance rate means that school is highly selective and accepts only a small number of students that apply. Getting into a college with a lower acceptance rate can be highly competitive. These colleges only accept the best of the best. To get into a school with a low-acceptance rate, you must demonstrate outstanding academic and non-academic achievements.

The higher the acceptance rate of a school, the easier it is to get admission into that college. How easy it is for you will depend on your academic record as well as your extracurricular activities.

Talk To the Alumni of the College

The alumni of a college can give you valuable insight that can help you determine your chances of admittance. They will be able to tell you more about the admission process and the level of competition you can expect. They will also help you get a better understanding of what the college looks for in applicants.

You know yourself better than anybody else. If you have what the school is looking for, you have a high chance of being accepted. If you don’t have what the college is looking for, you may want to reconsider applying to that college.

Use College Raptor!

One easy way to estimate your acceptance odds at any college in the US is to use College Raptor’s free Match Tool! Not only will it give you acceptance odds, but you’ll also see your personalized academic match score, financial aid estimates, and even how much debt you’re likely to graduate with.

With all this information, you can make the most informed decision on which colleges you should apply to. Best of all, it’s completely free!

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