What is the ACT to SAT Conversion?

When applying to colleges or scholarships, you might see some require you to have specific or minimum ACT or SAT scores to be accepted or eligible to apply. Understanding how the scores compare to one another – or convert – will help you determine the best test for you and your chances of being accepted to your dream college or winning that scholarship. Keep reading to find out how ACT and SAT scores compare and why you’d want to compare your results in the first place. Plus check out an ACT to SAT conversion table and see how your latest test score stacks up against the other exam!

Two students study hard for their ACT or SAT exams

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What is ACT to SAT Conversion?

The ACT and SAT are two similar yet different tests. There is a lot of overlap in the material they test on and they’re both used for college admissions and scholarships, but they can also contain different subjects and questions. They also differ in the way they score the results. 

The ACT is scored on a range between 1-36. Every subject is scored on this range, and the average of your results in each subject is your Composite score. 

The Total score range you can get on the SAT is 400-1600. Each of the two sections on the SAT is worth 200 and 800 points. So your Total SAT score is based on those two results combined.

While both tests use the method of “the higher you scored, the better you performed,” you can see that the numbers can be difficult to convert without knowing how they compare to one another. We provide a table to do the conversions for you. But first, let’s cover why you should convert your scores in the first place!

Why Would You Want to Convert Your Scores?

So why bother looking up a comparison? Well, there are multiple reasons. First off, you may just be curious. Maybe the ACT is far more common in your area, but you’re wondering what your SAT score might have been like.

Second, you can use the comparison table to determine the best test for you. When you’re deciding whether the ACT or SAT would be the best exam for you, seeing how the scores stack up to one another can be extremely useful information. Students tend to find either the ACT or the SAT a better fit for them, one “clicks” more with their way of thinking. For example, students who are adept readers might find the SAT to be a better fit for them, while mathematically-driven students might favor the ACT. It can also give you insight into how you would perform on the other exam.

Next, if you decide to take both the ACT and SAT, a conversion chart can tell you which test you performed the best on. Then you can decide which scores to send to your potential colleges and scholarship programs you’re applying to. 

ACT to SAT conversions are also used by scholarship programs, colleges, and states for their grant programs to determine who should receive merit-based awards.

Converting ACT to SAT (and Vice Versa)

SAT TotalACT Composite
1570 - 160036
1530 - 156035
1490 - 152034
1450 - 148033
1420 - 144032
1390 - 141031
1360 - 138030
1340 - 135029
1300 - 132028
1260 - 129027
1230 - 125026
1200 - 122025
1160 - 119024
1130 - 115023
1100 - 112022
1060 - 109021
1030 - 105020
990 - 102019
960 - 98018
920 - 95017
880 - 91016
830 - 87015
780 - 82014
730 - 77013
690  72012
650 - 68011
620 - 64010
590 - 6109

ACT to SAT conversion can help give students additional insight into their capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses, allowing them to make the best decision when it comes to deciding which test to take and how to approach taking the exams in the future. It also gives you details on:

  • How you stack up against other students.
  • Your chances of being accepted into a college.
  • Your chances of winning that merit-based scholarship. 

Many colleges and universities still require or at least recommend that students submit their ACT or SAT results. Knowing the test scores previously accepted students received can help you determine your own chances of being accepted into your dream college.

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