Why ACT/SAT Scores Matter for College Scholarships

Your SAT and ACT scores matter for scholarships

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Students find scholarships awarded for all sorts of reasons, from being a Hispanic student interested in Engineering to being fluent in Klingon. These diverse scholarships have equally diverse requirements for eligibility. Scholarships typically ask for certain SAT and ACT scores.

Academic Scholarships

A large number of private organizations and colleges go out of their way to reward students who have worked hard to earn high grades in school. They offer students scholarship money to support their further education. Merit-based scholarships also work to encourage more students to work hard in school and strive for high scores to increase their chances of winning some free money towards college. Academic scholarships will primarily focus on GPA and ACT/SAT scores.

Merit Scholarships

Scholarships require certain SAT and ACT scores, even if the scholarship isn’t focused on academics. You could find them on scholarships awarded for pursuing a certain major, or volunteering efforts, or essay contest. Even if academics aren’t what they’re directly awarding, they still want to ensure you’re focused on your education. A scholarship is a sort of societal investment, after all. The sponsor wants to make sure they’re aiding a student who takes education seriously and wants to make strides in whatever field or cause the scholarship supports.

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