How to Successfully Pass College Finals and Get a Summer Internship

Pass your final exams and get that summer internship!

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Finals! Yes, they’re scary. Yes, they’re intimidating. Fortunately, they’re not impossible. You can pass your final exam. All it takes is some steps to make your exam learning a little easier and a little less frightening. Even better, if you get your final exam done well then you’ll be in a much better position for nailing that internship that you really wanted!

Sounds too good to be true? Well, follow these steps and find out!

Stop with the all-nighters already.

Your memory is not a tape recorder. Writing things into memory takes a lot of effort and the more you try to write in there, the less will actually stick around. So stop with the all-nighters.

Study every day and go back to look again at what you already know.

The key to remembering something is to cover it several times, as this will help really nail it in there. For that reason, go back over what you’ve already studied a few days ago. Yes, it will feel very familiar. That’s because it is. The thing is, just because you recognize it on the page doesn’t mean you’ll remember it when you’re sitting in your exam. So review what you’ve already learned.

Explain it to find out where the holes in your understanding are.

You might think you have an idea down pat but then find out that you actually have a hole in your understanding when the time comes to write it down. That’s a problem! So don’t let that happen. Either find somebody else and explain important ideas to each other or hold forth to somebody imaginary, if that suits you better. There really is no better way to learn something than to get academic help. That’s how you can go from being a student who struggles with exams to being the get academic help.

Being in a positive mood significantly boosts your memory.

It’s true. It really does. So, when you’re about to go in for the exam don’t sit there in the corner desperately pouring over your book. Instead, gather with a few friends and have a laugh, or sit in the sunshine and enjoy a few minutes of relaxation. Or just watch your favorite cat video. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it helps boost your mood a little bit, then that will boost your memory as well.

Eat the right foods and exercise.

Before an exam period, you want to be healthy, as the better your body works the better your mind works. So, focus on getting the right foodstuffs. Also, make sure that you exercise. This will both make you able to keep going longer as it gives you energy and also will reduce stress.

Last words

And you know what the best part is? You can use these exact same tips to prepare for your interview for your internship! So that’s definitely killing two birds with one stone.

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