Do’s And Don’ts: Summer Jobs

Taking up a great summer job has become a rite of passage for high schools students. Most students take up summer jobs in order to make some money so they can reduce the loan amount that they need to take. Others do it to gain some work experience that they can put on their resume after they graduate. Both are compelling reasons to take up a summer job. While taking up a job may mean missing out on some of the summer fun, the rewards are well worth it.

Keep these summer job do’s and don’ts to get the most out of this experience.

Do Take The Summer Job Seriously

Just because you know the job is only going to last during the summer, it does not mean you should have a cavalier attitude towards it. Your employer will be observing you at work and will give you a recommendation based on what they have observed. Do a good, sincere job and you will get a recommendation that you will be proud to include in your resume when applying to any future job opportunities. It would be a mistake to pass up on this opportunity to get that stellar recommendation letter.

Do Observe The Office Dress Code

It may be unspoken and unwritten, but most offices will have some type of dress code. It depends on the type of office of course. In some offices, the staff may dress casually. In others, the staff may be expected to be more formally dressed. Staying as close as possible to the dress code will make it easier for you to fit in. In general, always be smartly dressed. No crumpled clothes or scruffy shoes.

 Don’t Choose A Job Only Because It Pays Well

You are giving up part of your summer vacation and it’s only natural to want to be well compensated for it.  While there’s nothing wrong with that, be careful not to make it all about the money. What is more important is to look for a high school job that challenges you and helps you gain knowledge, learn new skills and meet new people in a field you are interested in.

Don’t Grumble About The Workload Or Complain About The Boss

This cannot be emphasized enough. No matter how you feel about something, keep your thoughts to yourself. You are only going to be in that workplace for a short time so try not to complain. Word gets around fast and you don’t want to get a negative reputation that will make it difficult for you to find another job.

Don’t Be A Part Of The Office Gossip

Two words: Stay Away. Office gossip can get nasty and negative. Instead of wasting time and energy on useless gossip, stay focused on learning and honing your skills.

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