7 Desk Accessories and Toys For Your Dorm Room

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Desk with text: desk accessories and toys for college students

Sometimes all you need to make a dorm room feel more like your room is a touch of whimsy and color. We’ve found 7 cool desk accessories and toys to add a personal touch to your dorm. They can brighten your mood and provide some practicality along the way.

Elephant Pencil Holder by COOLBROS

COOLBROS elephant pencil holder desk accessoriesThis cute little elephant does more than just hold pencils—it can hold desk supplies and your phone. This elephant is available in a variety of bright colors and patterns. You can go with the standard African elephant grey, or something more artistic. Patterns include: flame, glacial, Indian, and striped. Too cute to hide away, put this one front and center on your desk. It’s portable and very easy to assemble and disassemble. 

CooCu Dynamic Moving Sand Picture

CooCu moving sand pictureThere’s just something about this sand art that calms and soothes people. Whether it’s watching the patterns it creates, being mesmerized by the soft motion of the sand shifting, or the cool colors.  The frame comes in several different sizes. Once you’ve played with it, you’ll have a hard time putting it down. If your all-nighter study session is driving you nuts, just a quick break and watch this sand art go. 

Dinosaur Desk Phone Stand by Plinrise

Plinrise phone stand desk accessoriesHaving trouble keeping track of your phone? Want to watch a video, but don’t want to hold your phone? Let this handy little dinosaur stand help you out. Available in an assortment of cheerful colors, you’re sure to find one you’ll love. (One’s even glow-in-the-dark). You can choose between a short and long-neck version. That cute little grin will keep you smiling. The Plinrise Animal Desk Phone Stand is made from high grade silica gel and is flexible and long-lasting.

Infinity Cube by SMALL FISH

SMALL FISH infinity cube desk accessoriesGot a case of the fidgets? Having trouble concentrating? Worried about something that you just can’t stop stressing about? This fidget infinity cube will help you out. Small but mighty, this little fidget device will keep your mind occupied for hours, helping you reduce stress and focus. Use it before tests to focus your mind, or when you feel anxious or upset. It’s playable with one hand so you can work and tinker at the same time. There are hundreds of combinations and figures to try out.

Magnetic Paper Clip Stand by Mr. Pen

Mr Pen magnetic paper clip stand desk accessoriesIf you keep losing your paper clips and can never find one when you need it, this Mr. Pen Magnetic Paper Clip Stand is for you. Great for paper clips and other metal desk supplies. It’s strong enough to do the job, but small enough that it isn’t bulky or obnoxious. With this magnetic paperweight from Mr. Pen, paper clips have met their match.

Novelty Pen Holder by Suck UK

Suck UK pen holder desk accessoriesThis is college students with a unique (or macabre) sense of humor. Whether you choose Dead Fred (shown here) or you need the squishy reassurance of Stress-Ball Paul, this soft, silicone pen holder is definitely a conversation piece. Inspire a burgeoning author or take out your irritation from noisy neighbors on this unique pen holder. Makes for a good Snapchat or Instagram post too, with the caption #FinalsGotMeLike. 

Bubble Motion Tumbler by Toysmith

Toysmith bubble tumbler desk accessoriesChoose the pleasing pink and purple version or the soothing tones of blue and green. This bubble motion tumbler is a great device for killing anxiety, calming the fidgets, or helping you focus when you feel a bit scattered. Watch it when you need to get some sleep and you’ll start to feel relaxed and drowsy. Get one for you and your roommate.

Don’t let the pressure of studying grind you down. Blow off some steam with these cute and funny dorm desk accessories and toys.

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