7 College Must Haves for Healthy Living

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Although you’ll be studying hard throughout college, you can’t forget about your health! As fun as it sounds, eating nothing but ramen and instant mac n’ cheese every day won’t do you any favors. To make it easier, we’ve scoured Amazon for the best health products. Here are some great items for healthy college living.

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker

college must haves LETSCOM fitness trackerOne great product that will help you live healthier is a fitness tracker! LETSCOM Fitness Tracker is a top choice and a #1 bestseller in pedometers on Amazon. In a variety of colors to fit your style, the tracker comes with a heart rate monitor, step counter, calorie counter, and the ability to receive calls or notifications. It can also track a number of sports so you can be sure to get the most out of your exercise routine, whether you’re doing yoga or running.


Embrava Best Sports Water Bottle (32 oz)

college must haves Embrava sports water bottleOne thing you can’t forget while working out is water. Instead of running through water bottles, it helps to have a reusable one on hand. The Embrava Best Sports Water Bottle is durable and shatter-resistant, meaning it’s up to the same challenges you are. The bottle also comes with a guide to better hydration and how to best manage your water intake. As a bonus, it has a great motivational phrase on the surface. “Fortune favors the brave.”

Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Mat

A teal yoga mat rolled up with a black strap.The Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Mat with carrying strap is the perfect healthy addition to any college dorm. You can easily tuck it away when not in use or take it outside on a warm day to enjoy your routine under the sun thanks to the carrying strap. This one is a #1 best seller in yoga mats and comes in a beautiful teal color. It’s also double-sided non-slip, so even if you’re using it in your tiled dorm room, you know it’s slip-resistant.

AmazonBasics Neoprene Dumbbells

college must haves AmazonBasics dumbbellsDumbbells, like the AmazonBasic Neoprene Dumbbells, also make an excellent choice for a healthy workout routine. These come in several weights, starting at 1 pound and going up to 32. You can choose to get a set of 2 or order a weight set with a stand that includes 3 pairs of dumbbells. However, when choosing weights, make sure you’re selecting ones that you can work with and won’t push yourself to injury.

The Healthy College Cookbook

college must haves the Healthy College CookbookWho says you can’t eat healthy at college? Or you can’t cook at college? The Healthy College Cookbook lets you do both! Instead of ordering take out for the umpteenth time, pull out this book to make a delicious meal. It contains recipes for breakfast, snacks, lunches, and dinners, and has plenty of meals for vegans, vegetarians, or meat lovers. The cookbook also comes in either paperback or Kindle versions.

PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer Variety Pack (Case of 8)

college must haves PURELL hand sanitizerNothing puts a damper on your week is catching a cold, or, worse, the flu. PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer can help you keep illnesses at bay. These, in particular, are portable with a key chain and travel-sized, making them perfect to place in your bag or hang off the side of your backpack. Keep yourself, and your classmates, healthy with this handy germ prevention. 

326 Piece First Aid Kit

college must haves first aid kitEven being careful, accidents happen. Whether it’s a paper cut or you trip on your way to class or you had a sudden migraine, a 326 Piece First Aid Kit can come in handy. The set includes towelettes, aspirin, first aid guides, bandages, gauze pads, tweezers, scissors, cotton tip applicators, gloves, and more. A #1 best seller in school safety and first aid supplies on Amazon, it’s something you and your roommate may one day be thankful for.

If you want to continue a healthy lifestyle while you’re in college, these seven items can truly come in handy and won’t take up much room in your dorm.

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