6 Stylish Clocks For College Dorm Rooms

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Time is a fickle thing. When you’re having fun, it goes by fast. When you’re doing something tedious, it can drag on and on. Regardless, though, it’s important to know the time. Especially in college where you’ve got a tight schedule to keep. That’s where clocks come in handy. With one of these stylish and unique clocks, you’ll be on time every time.

Check them out!

Retro Digital Flip Clock by WoneNice

WonNice flip clockA little bit retro, a little bit modern, a whole lot of fabulous. This unique flip-down clock has a quartz-operated mechanism that keeps time accurately. It has a 12-hour AM / PM system, and the numbers will flip to reveal the time. Best of all, it’s completely quiet so you won’t be bothered by ticking sounds when you’re trying to sleep or study. Big bold numbers make it easy to read from anywhere in the room. This clock is perfect for those who want a twist on their timepiece. 

Silent Wall Clock by Hito

Hito wall clockThe Hito Decorative Wall Clock comes in 10 lovely face colors with large, clear, white border. This decorative wall clock is the ideal combination of form and function. It looks good and is a great choice if you want a clock to match your room. It not only keeps accurate time, but it is also completely silent. There’s no ticking or no buzzing in the background. All it takes is one AA battery and you’ll have the current time in no time.

Electronic Word Clock by Sharper Image

Sharper Image word clockWho said a clock has to have hands? Or even numbers? This Light Up Electronic Word Clock is quite the conversation-starter. The copper-faced metal clock will tell you the time in words, in five-minute intervals. If you like unique and innovative products, then you’ll love this clock from the from Sharper Image. For those who love stark contrast, this clock is also available in black, with letters that light up in white. This one will last long after graduation day and makes a great gift for a new executive.

Modern Ribbon Wall Clock by Umbra

Umbra modern clockMinimal and modern are two great words to describe these unique clocks. The Umbra Ribbon Modern Wall Clock is made from high-quality metal. It is available in matte black, brass, copper, or stainless steel. The contrasting hour and minute hands make it easy to read the time even from afar. Quiet and stylish, this clock will look good no matter where you place it.

Black Wall Clock by Bernhard Products

Bernhard black clockThere’s something to be said about the classics. This iconic office / schoolroom style clock has large numbers, a sweep second hand, and a clear interface so you can see the time it is from anywhere in the room. This style is simple, elegant, and versatile, making it suitable for variety of décor styles and colors. It operates on one AA battery and keeps time silently so you won’t get disturbed at night. This clock comes in three sizes: 10 inch, 12 inch, and 13 inch. 

Extra Large Digital Clock by American Lifetime

American Lifetime digital clockTime to get digital. The American Lifetime Day Clock has a large, clear interface, and displays the day, date, and time all on one screen. It is easy to read and has five different alarm options, so you’re sure to find at least one very useful. It even has a battery backup in case the electricity goes out. There are nine different frame / color options for you choose from! 

Get to class or a meeting on time with one of these great clocks for your apartment or dorm room.

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