6 Cool Gifts for Architecture Majors

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Blueprints and rulers with text: cool gifts for architects

You could say that architects are the foundation of a society. Puns aside, architects provide valued and creative service. If you know someone studying the trade, why not reward their hard work with a gift? Here are 6 cool gifts for architects—future or otherwise. 

Architecture Coffee Mug by the Unemployed Philosophers Club

Unemployed Philosophers Guild architecture mugShowcasing blueprints from classical and classic buildings, this coffee mug is sure to please your favorite architect. Sturdy and durable, just like their favorite structures, this mug will keep their favorite drink hot or cold. Caffeine will help when they’re preparing for a big day of drafting, math, or any other challenging architectural topic.

GraphGear 1000 Premium Gift Set by Pentel

Pentel graph kitArchitects do finely detailed work. They often need specific types of pencils and leads so they can differentiate between walls and doorways in their blueprints. This set is perfect for all architecture majors. Those who are just beginning their journey will find it incredibly useful. So will those who have graduated and gearing up for their first job. Each lead is identified by hardness level, and the pencil tips are retractable. Erasers are replaceable as well. This is the perfect gift for an architecture major!

15 Piece Compass Set by Mr. Pen

Mr. Pen compass geometry setThis 15-piece compass set includes three different types of compasses for fine detail work. It’s perfect for all architecture students, from the first year to the last. It also includes mechanical pencils, erasers, leads, protractors, and metal edges for precise drawing and clean work. This set is as inclusive as it is affordable! Best of both worlds. 

Frank Lloyd Wright Coonley Playhouse Glasses by Culver

Culver Frank Lloyd Wright glassesFrank Lloyd Wright inspired the entire world with his intricate, unique designs and innovative geometric ideas. Celebrate one of America’s most famous architects with these gorgeous old-fashioned glasses. They’re inspired by the Coonley Playhouse! Bright, vibrant colors and clean open design was what Wright was known for, and these showcase his talent and eye for detail. It’s easily one of the prettiest gifts for architects. 

LEGO Architecture – Las Vegas

LEGO Las VegasDeep down, your favorite future architect probably still loves LEGO. Let them get back in touch with some of their favorite childhood memories with this set inspired by Las Vegas. With 501 pieces, this set can help your architect create the famous Las Vegas skyline with lots of great buildings. Fun of everyone, no matter how young or old.

101 Things I Learned in Architecture School by Matthew Frederick

101 Things I Learned in Architecture SchoolArchitects need to have excellent math, geometry, and drafting skills. They also need to understand the mechanics of balance and visual aesthetic. Sometimes, though, the instructors may not always go into the necessary details the students need. Enter Matthew Frederick and his wonderful book, “101 Things I Learned In Architecture School”. The book explains things in a way that a student would understand, but an instructor may not convey.

These are just some of the many great gifts that your favorite architecture major is sure to love and appreciate.

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