5 of the Best Water Filter Pitchers and Bottles for College Students

A water filter is a great item to have in your dorm room. Easily refillable, they also cut down on the amount of plastic water bottles you’re tossing out. Whether you’re filling up a cup of water to drink in your dorm room or want a bottle to carry with you to class, a water filter can make sure you have a tasty, clean drink on hand. Here are five of the best water filter pitchers and bottles perfect for college students.

Brita Small 5-Cup Metro Water Pitcher

Turquoise Brita water pitcher filling a glass. Click to view its Amazon page.Fridge space is valuable space when you’re a college student. This Brita Small 5-Cup Metro Water Pitcher is just the right size where it will take up minimal space within your refrigerator, but still, give you plenty of clean water for the day ahead. A #1 new release in pitcher water filters, this one also comes with a filter indicator to let you know when your filter should be replaced.

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

White Aquagear water filter pitcher. Click to view its Amazon page.With a 4.5 star rating, another water filter pitcher you’ll want to check out is this one from Aquagear. The pitcher comes with a five-stage filter and 2-micron pores as well as a lifetime guarantee if yours should ever break. Measuring 10.8 x 10.8 x 5.5 inches, it’s also the perfect size for your dorm room’s refrigerator.

Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

Large black Brita water filter pitcher with bubble design. Click to view its Amazon page.If you like the Brita water pitcher, but want something a bit larger (and your fridge has the room for you), you should consider the large 10 cup version. It’s an Amazon’s Choice and comes in a few different colors including black, red, green, and orange. Like its smaller version, it also includes the filter indicator so you can change yours on time.

LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle

Blue LifeStraw Go water filter bottle with carabiner. Click to view its Amazon page.Whether you want a water bottle for class or love to go hiking during your free time (or both), the LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle is a great choice. And it’s actually an Amazon’s Choice underwater filter water bottle as well. The perfect fit for both your fridge and backpack, it’s easy to carry and filters your water. It also has an award-winning filter due to its ability to remove bacteria and more from lakes and streams, delivering clean water to you.

KOR Nava Filter Water Bottle

White and blue KOR Nava filter water bottle. Click to view its Amazon page.Another water bottle that is perfect for the fridge as well as on the go is the KOR Nava Filter Water Bottle. Easy to use, it comes with a starter filter and filter straw as well as a 100% pure coconut shell. Durable, clear, and health-safe, this is a great choice for college students.

You don’t have to rely on expensive water bottles while in college. Whether you have a reusable water bottle with a water pitcher plus filter in the fridge or you choose to go with a water bottle that includes its own filter, you can have delicious water right on hand. And you don’t have to worry about precious fridge space!

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