Why Going to Safety Schools Isn’t a Bad Thing

When it comes to searching for colleges, schools are typically divided into three categories—safety, match, and reach. Safety colleges are those you’re highly likely to get into—schools with higher acceptance rates and less competition. Many people think that attending a safety college means “you weren’t good enough” to get into a match or reach school. However, safeties don’t deserve that bad rap. Here’s why.

Safety cone on college campus.

You Can Save Money

Even if your safety college wasn’t your first, second, or third choice, you could be saving quite a bit of money by going to this school for the first year or two. Whether it is a community college or state public school, it may be more affordable than your top choice. If it’s a local school, you may not have to pay for a dorm and can stay at home, for example.

As you take your general education classes, you may discover that your intended major isn’t what you wanted after all. You could discover that your “dream school” no longer fits what you were looking for due to the shift in major.

You’re Still Working on Your Education

Studies have actually shown that getting into prestigious colleges doesn’t have a big of an impact on earnings as some may think. Students who are rejected actually average the same salary later on.

What really matters during this time is the work you put into your education. Even if you feel letdown, you still need to study hard and put the work into your college degree. No matter what college you attend, this is essential.

You Can Always Transfer

Going to a safety school gives you plenty of options when it comes to your education. If a college didn’t accept you, that door isn’t necessarily closed forever. Working hard during this time at your safety school could result in a possible transfer down the line.

Colleges also like to see that you’re putting the work into your education. Showing your dream school that you can improve your grades could result in an acceptance letter next time you apply.

You Can Still Get the College Experience

Many students underestimate just how difficult the first year of college can be. A safety school can provide a strong net while they adjust to their new educational experience. Even if you’re smart and confident, you may be surprised by its challenge. From classes to learning to be on your own, there’s a lot to tackle.

But the social aspects of attending a college are still there. Schools offer clubs, sports, festivals, and more. Make sure you’re still a part of these to get the full experience!

Although you may be unhappy that you didn’t get into your dream school, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast at your “safety” school and get the education you’re looking for. Now is the time to work hard at your studies, take advantage of the experiences available to you, and work on your success.

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