The Best Ways to Document Your College Visits

Documenting your college visits is the best way to remember the special features and facilities of each college. More importantly, it is a great way to help you remember distinctly how you felt about each college. These are details that would otherwise get hazy or forgotten altogether after you’ve finished a few college visits.

Two of the best ways on how to document your college visits are by making notes and taking photographs during each visit. The key is to stay organized or else it will end up being an exercise in futility.

Writing Down Notes

Buy a notebook especially for the purpose and carry it along with you at all times. Make notes of everything you see and hear during your visit. Get the contact details of the tour guide, faculty members, or admin staff you interacted with, and other students who were also visiting the college. Write down how you felt while walking around the campus. How did the classrooms feel? What about the gym, cafeteria, dorm rooms, and other facilities? What was your impression of the general ambiance of the college? Did the students seem happy or did they appear stressed? Speak to them and make notes of their feedback.

Take Pictures

Whether you decide to take along a camera or your smartphone, make sure it is fully charged and has plenty of space for photographs. Keep it handy and keep clicking. You can always delete the extraneous shots when you get home. Don’t forget to download all the photographs onto your computer and free up space for your next visit. Photos let you review what you saw on your visit and helps remind you of certain aspects of the school.

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