5 Colleges With Great Mountain Views

For some people, nothing is more awe-inspiring than a gorgeous mountain view. Whether that means snow-capped peaks, colorful autumn forests, or staring at that jagged skyline, mountains are tough to beat. We are fortunate enough that the United States has a variety of mountains. Here are some beautiful schools a mountain view.

Prescott College—Prescott, AZ

You know you’re in a mountain-lover’s dream school when your college town also has flocks of mountain climbers every year. Prescott sits at 5,347 feet above sea level—that’s some pretty serious elevation. Prescott College also considers itself experience-oriented. They want you to do things, not limit yourself to learning from a textbook and professor. They encourage the application of what you’re learning in the real world, particularly if you are involved in their Adventure Education Program. In addition to their adventure program, undergrads can also select majors from: Arts & Humanities; Environmental Studies & Sustainability; Global Studies; Psychology, Human Development, and Counselor Education; and Teach & Administrative Preparation.

Prescott is home to about 460 undergraduate students. They enjoy a close environment with their instructors. Prescott National Forest surrounds the town and school, and Grand Canyon National Park is also only a few hours away.

Lewis & Clark College—Portland, OR

Flickr user College Outdoors

Flickr user College Outdoors

Named for the two famous U.S. explorers, Lewis & Clark College takes students almost all the way to the west coast. Mt. Hood is easily visible from campus and also within easy driving distance for those who want to explore it. The school offers 29 majors for its 2,200 undergraduates to choose from. The campus is also located on a woodsy 137 acres just six miles from downtown Portland.

This private liberal arts college strives to maintain close contact between students and professors. Many of the faculty are also involved in research and frequently have students assist.

Warren Wilson College—Asheville, NC

Flickr user Laura Heller

Flickr user Laura Heller

Warren Wilson College aims to combine what it calls the Triad (academics, work, and service) to make a wholesome college experience for all its students, regardless of what degree you are seeking. The college encourages all senior students to complete senior capstone research projects and present them to students and faculty. Students also have a plethora of outdoorsy activities to choose from, and with the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding the school, the view is always scenic.

The college has come a long way from its original conception as the Asheville Farm School in 1894. Then, only 25 boys were enrolled to gain some education, usually not having had any formal education beforehand. It wasn’t until 1966 that it became a 4-year college. Now, the school hosts over 800 undergraduate students who are dedicated to working with their communities and the world at large.

Westminster College—Salt Lake City, UT

Flickr user WCN 24/7

Flickr user WCN 24/7

Amidst the trees on campus, the statuesque red-brick buildings of Westminster College rise up against a Rocky Mountain backdrop. The college’s nearly 2,200 undergraduate students enjoy the perks of such a picturesque location, with six mountain resorts within a 30-minute drive of campus. The average class size for this private liberal arts school is 17 students, with a student to faculty ratio of 9:1. Of incoming freshmen, 98% receive financial aid. Students can also choose from 42 majors during their time here.

Fort Lewis College—Durango, CO

Mountain view

Flickr user jmcclurken

Fort Lewis College is located in southwestern Colorado, right on the edge of the San Juan National Forest. The town of Durango is nestled among the Rocky Mountains. This small public college boasts about 3,800 undergraduate students who enjoy the unique adventure opportunities that the college’s location provides. Students can choose from 30 majors to focus their attention, including an Adventure Education program that really works to give practical experience to its students.

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