Do Employers Care About Your ACT/SAT Score?

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Most employers do not even think about checking out standardized test scores when hiring candidates. This is especially if the applicant has had some amount of work experience under their belt already.

However when hiring applicants who have recently graduated and who do not have a lot of work experience, employers do not have any solid reference point for measuring their skill set. In these cases, employers may ask to see the ACT/SAT scores. Even then, these test scores are rarely used as a final metric to hire anyone. It is just one of the many factors used to determine an applicant’s suitability to the job.

This does not mean you can afford to take the ACT and SAT lightly. Your scores in these tests still matter when it comes to college entry and financial aid. Most colleges will first take a look at your academic grades and your test scores as well as the personal essay, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, and work experience. In some colleges, if your ACT/SAT scores are poor, your application may be rejected outright.

Your goal should always be to obtain the highest scores you possible gain on these tests. It may or may not benefit you when it is time to get a job but it will definitely make a difference to your college acceptance odds and financial aid application.

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