What are Some Good Jobs for English Majors?

Bookshelf with text: good jobs for English majorsAre you an English major? You may have heard the occasional comment or joke about what you’re going to do with that major after you graduate. Truth is, there’s plenty to do with that degree! I was actually an English major myself! So here are some examples of good jobs for English majors out there.

Let’s go over them!

Social Media Manager

One great job for English majors that you may not have considered before is actually a Social Media Manager. Almost all businesses now a days need a presence on social media and many just don’t have the time to do it themselves. You can find this position in major corporations as well as small town museums.

The job can go by all sorts of names. Social media manager, digital communication specialist, brand ambassador, content manager, director of online communications. The list goes on and on. Depending on the company, your job could encapsulate a number of things. From content blogging, to engaging with an online community, to building newsletters, and more. One thing’s for sure—you have to have a way with words and communications.


English majors love books, so there’s nothing quite like walking into a well-stocked library. A librarian is an amazing and rewarding position for English majors! However, you may have to return to school for this position and earn a Master’s in Library Sciences. Once you have the right requirements, you can work for schools, universities, cities, towns, museums, and more.

On average, librarians can earn around $59,050 per year! Of course, that depends on where you work.

Content Writer

If you enjoy writing long form pieces, a great job for an English major after graduation is a content writer. These positions tend to require you to write blog posts, email newsletters, eBooks, white papers, case studies, and other, similar material. You could also advance in this career to content marketing manager or editor positions.


For those who enjoy shorter form writing, there’s copywriting. Copywriters come up with written content for advertising to promote goods and services. Students who enjoyed writing persuasive essays might enjoy the challenge of persuading consumers to check out whatever you’re promoting. It’s a great blend of writing and marketing.

Other Great Jobs for English Majors

There are plenty of other amazing job opportunities out there for English majors. Some other positions you’ll want to look into include

There are Plenty of Jobs for English Majors

There’s definitely a myth that there are no good careers for English majors, and it’s blatantly untrue. Businesses love hiring English majors because they’re adept at communication, critical thinking, and have great writing skills. Those traits will always be in demand.

Being an English major goes beyond just reading the classics. During college, you learn what makes a great piece, how to write properly, and how to stand out among the crowd. Make sure to take courses that work towards your career goals. For example, if you want to work in reporting, you’ll definitely want to take some journalism courses as well as expository writing type classes. For fiction writing, play writing and creative writing courses are musts. Ask your advisor for the best classes to take to learn the skills you’ll need after college; you may be surprised at some of the suggestions they make, but they could definitely work in your favor in the long run!

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