10 Unique Majors and Degrees

Some students aren’t meant to take the business or healthcare route in college, so we’re excited to introduce you to unusual and cool college majors! There are hundreds of college majors out there for students to choose from. Unique majors draw in students of all types and really keep things interesting on campus! Yes, they’ll have their normal general core requirements, but their major classes will seem a lot different than other students. Here are the top 10 unique college majors that may pique your interest and enhance your future career opportunities! Who knows, maybe you’ll end up finding your dream job and a solid career!

1. Bakery Science

Baking your favorite chocolate chip cookies is more than putting all the ingredients together. When baking and cooking, heat has a chemical reaction with the food. If you decide to major in bakery science while studying in college, you’ll see just how complicated the baking world can be. Oh – you’ll get to taste so many goodies too! Earn your bachelor’s degree in bakery science at Kansas State University.

2. Viticulture and Enology

Wine has been around for thousands of years and it’s because of science that we can determine regular grape juice from the alcoholic drink enjoyed by many. From dry to sweet, viticulture and enology majors will be studying the science of winemaking in college. You could use this degree to work at a vineyard growing grapes, open your own vineyard, or eventually become a sommelier with an extensive background. At the University of California-Berkley, you’ll be able to learn about all things wine-related.


3. Entertainment Engineering

The entertainment industry is always growing, which means there is always a need for engineers specializing in it. You’ll get to work on sets and build a variety of props you see on television today. You’ll study how multiple elements combine to create the perfect concert venue or movie set. The University of Nevada-Las Vegas has a great entertainment engineering program that is made to help you succeed after graduation. 

4. Mortuary Science

With a background in anatomy, mortuary science degrees study the deceased. This degree allows you to work as a mortician and even help run funeral homes. There is always a demand for this job since it is not one that everyone is capable of doing. Learn about funeral services and mortuary science at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

5. Floral Management

You see florals everywhere! Weddings, baby showers, birthdays, funerals, anniversaries, and so many more places. With this degree, you’ll learn how to put together a variety of floral arrangements for multiple types of events. You can even know how to manage a flower shop and find locally sourced flowers to run a business. This would be especially popular if you plan on living in a big city. If you’re ready to bloom, look into Mississippi State University’s program.

6. American Pop Culture

Are you into the latest celebrity gossip and overall trends in popular culture?  If so, a degree in pop culture is the perfect choice for you. It’s true that these types of things make history and make their mark on the world. From the latest nail trends by Hailey Bieber to the sustainable brand by Gigi Hadid, it’s important to know the latest trends in our culture. This degree is a great way to get into public relations in the celebrity world if that is your end goal. Who says watching the latest reality TV drama and browsing social media platforms is always a bad thing? The University of Southern California has a great American pop culture program to look into. 

7. Adventure Education 

If your friends describe you as adventurous, then it’s fitting to get a degree in adventure education. You’ll learn about the beautiful outdoor world and then have the background to educate others on it. You can lead expeditions in parks or even work at a camp doing fun outdoor activities. If your ideal office is outdoors and in nature, you need to get a degree in adventure and outdoor education. Start your next adventure at Plymouth State University!

8. Sustainability

Getting a degree in sustainability can mean a number of things in the modern world. You can work with sustainable fashion, food, environmental plans, and more. Saving the planet is at the top of the to-do list for many countries, so you can get a job working for the government. If you don’t want to do something as serious as government work, you can work in sustainable farming and fashion. The career options are endless with this college degree. Earn your sustainability degree at Tufts University!

9. Comic Art

Comic storytelling is an art that many students decide to pursue in college. You can sketch comedy, a superhero, or just a normal story when you have specialized education in comic art. It’s an amazing creative outlet for students and very sought after by production companies, especially if you learn animation design alongside it. The Minneapolis College of Art and Design has an amazing program for comic art!

10. Costume Design

Do you love watching shows with extravagant costumes or attending plays with intricate outfit changes? If so, a costume design degree is perfect for you. This fun major is available at the Academy of Art University and will teach you everything you need to know about costume design. From making the costumes to making them flow altogether, you’ll be ready to put on your own show.

With so many fun and unique college majors, there’s no reason why you won’t find one that sticks out to you. Some students are meant for the “normal” college majors, while others need to explore unique majors for a different degree. There are hundreds of undergraduate degrees available and you can even get your master’s degree in some of these cool majors! Don’t let your spunkiness and creativity keep you from getting a traditional degree, especially with all these eccentric ones out there. There is financial aid available for these unusual college majors, so be sure to apply for your FAFSA on time!

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