9 Dream Jobs You Never Knew Existed (and How to Get Them!)

Work can’t all be ice cream and Legos…or can it? There are some pretty amazing careers out there that can make your inner 6-year old jump for joy. What if your job was to enjoy the scents of perfumes, or you got paid to be a criminal? Take a look at these 9 incredible (but real!) dream jobs; we’ll tell you what they are and what it takes to master them.

1. Ice Cream Taster

Dream jobs - ice cream taster

Flickr user J Lippold

Sample different flavors all day? Yes, please! Ok, so it’s not as easy as it might sound; it isn’t just gorging yourself on ice cream. This job takes a refined palate and the ability to judge texture, taste, and even aesthetics. Tasters usually have a degree in food science and are eloquent enough to describe the ice cream experience so the makers can either package it up and send it out to the masses, or scrap it and go back to the drawing board.

2. Chief Listening Officer / Professional Tweeter

Dream jobs - professional tweeter/chief listening officer

Flickr user Ray_from_LA

Social media is a powerhouse of connections, so it’s no surprise that businesses have latched onto it. But utilizing social media in the work-world is much more than just scrolling through Facebook or tweeting. Chief Listening Officers hunt through many social media platforms for mentions of their brand or company. It’s their job to see what the public is saying about their business or product.

There’s no doubt that there are kings and queens of social media, and many people put their talents to use in the workforce. “Professional tweeters,” more professionally known as social media managers, run a business’s online accounts — interacting with the public, releasing information, and promoting their company. Most of the CLO’s and social media managers have degrees in either marketing, communication, or both.

3. NASA Curiosity Driver

Like to drive remote-controlled cars? Well what if that “car” was 100 million miles away on another planet? With six wheels, a 7 foot long multi-tool arm, 17 cameras, and a long delay between command and execution, it takes a lot of talent and knowledge to be able to pilot a rover. Some of the scientists on the team driving the Curiosity rover have PhDs in robotics, computer science, and electrical engineering. The Spirit and Opportunity rovers might have powered down, but Curiosity is still exploring the red planet.

4. “Nose”

Dream jobs - "nose" for perfume

Flickr user Vetiver Aromatics

The perfume industry is a booming one, and somebody has to have the job of smelling –and evaluating–all of the products. But being a “nose” is nothing to sniff at (I’m so sorry, I couldn’t resist). Most professional scent testers go through over 7 years of training for the position. With extensive knowledge of both chemistry and psychology — usually majoring in either one or the other, if not both — “noses” are incredibly smart smellers.


5. Professional Criminal

Dream jobs - professional criminal

Flickr user Teresa

Who says crime doesn’t pay? Businesses, banks, museums, and other companies hire people to try to “break into” their security systems or buildings in order to find vulnerabilities. The position is usually called security consultant, and comes in two different forms: physical and IT. Physical consultants can do anything from breaking into safes to going undercover to sneak past cameras. IT consultants hack their way into digital systems in order to find weaknesses and solutions. Both types evaluate and develop security as well as find solutions to make it better. Backgrounds can be varied, but many consultants have experience in law enforcement or IT.

6. Hippotherapist

Dream jobs - hippotherapist

Flickr user allison moffatt

No, this job isn’t about providing therapy to hippos. Instead, hippotherapists use horses in order to help patients with neurological or physical disabilities. By using the horse’s natural movements to enhance or teach motor skills to the riders, hippotherapists make treatments engaging and fun. It takes a lot of work to become one, though, with most hippotherapists earning degrees in physical or occupational therapy — they also have to undergo extensive training in order to be licensed. But all the hard work is worth the effort — who doesn’t love horses and smiling kids?

7. Legoland Designer

Dream jobs - Legoland designer

Flickr user ..Russ..

A childhood staple, Legos have inspired creativity and ingenuity in children for years, and has served as the building blocks (or should we say bricks?) for many future architects and designers. But as you grow up, you don’t have to leave the colorful plastic toys behind. Designers at Legolands across the world dream up, plan, and build amazing sculptures, structures, and attractions using the bricks and a lot of brains. The designers can come from multiple different backgrounds, from engineering to architecture to computer science to electrical design — but they all use advanced computer programs to build the creations that will wow the guests.

8. Crossword Puzzle Writer

Dream jobs - crossword puzzle writer

Flickr user Philippa Willitts

Logophiles (word-lovers), this one’s for you. Someone has to write the puzzle in the paper, right? Well, if you’ve got a love for puzzles and are a walking dictionary of definitions, it could be you. The puzzlers are an analytical bunch who usually have a background in English or writing. Though not many do this job full-time, they all can probably solve a crossword using a pen.


9. Island Caretaker

Dream jobs - island caretaker

Flickr user Phalinn Ooi

Let’s cap off this list with a truly daydream worthy job. Ben Southall might just be the luckiest man alive. His job? To spend six months on a tropical paradise, spending his days swimming on the Great Barrier Reef, exploring the island, and soaking up the sun. He beat out 35,000 applicants for the gig and earned over $100,000 for experiencing the island and blogging about it, promoting Australian tourism. Of course, there was trouble in paradise when Ben was stung by deadly jellyfish, but he made a full recovery and went on kayaking, diving, and sailing the Australian waters.

If you’re worried about getting stuck in a dead-end career in a cramped cubicle, just remember that there are some pretty spectacular jobs out there in this crazy world, and they could be yours if you look (and work!) hard enough.