10 Perfect Jobs for People Persons

Are people drawn to you? Do new people open up and love to talk with you about everything and anything? If so, you might be a people person! A people person is someone who naturally connects with others even if they’ve just met them. Being a people person can be super rewarding, especially in the right career field. Jobs that include customer-facing interactions are perfect for people persons. Social people are often people persons and enjoy working directly with human interaction. Careers in sales, counseling, public relations, politics, and more are a great fit for those extroverts who love to socialize and talk with others. 

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Top 10 Best Careers and Jobs for People Persons

The great thing about being an extrovert is that you can use your social skills in the work environment. You have no issues with making friends and connecting with others, so you can use that to your advantage in the workplace. Here are some of the best jobs for people persons so you can hone your social skills and have a successful career.


1. Sales Representative/Sales Manager

Sales representatives can be in a variety of job fields. You could be in tech, medical, real estate, and more. The possibilities are endless with a sales representative job and are perfect for any people person. You’ll be client-facing and interact with others for the majority of your day. You’ll have to be genuine with your conversation and sell your product to people of all different backgrounds. When you’re a people person, you can usually connect with almost anyone. Successful sales representatives are usually people persons and can make a lot of money doing it.

2. Counselor

Successful counselors are naturally empathic people and can connect on a deeper level with others. A counseling job can be in a variety of fields ranging from education to mental health. When you’re a people person, others will open up to you more than they would to someone who isn’t a people person.

3. Public Relations Manager

As someone who works in public relations, or PR, you’ll always be dealing with someone’s public image. Whether you’re working for an individual or a business, a PR manager should have good communication skills with others. A people person is much better at working on someone’s public image because they can appeal to the general public. You’ll work on press releases and marketing campaigns for your clients. If you talk to a PR manager, you’ll see how effortless it is to maintain a natural conversation with them.

4. Politician

Though not everyone wants to be a politician, we have to look at how winning candidates appeal to their audience. No matter the affiliation, each politician is a people person on some level. They’ll have to market themselves to others and show that they have the qualities needed for the position. Politicians are public servants so it’s important for them to feel connected to the people of the public.

5. Social Media Marketing Manager

It’s not a secret that social media has taken the world by storm. You can become a social media manager for personal accounts, influencers, and even businesses. Social media marketing managers are able to connect with their online audience which is a lot easier for people persons. You can find which niche is best for you and find a career in it. Social media management is a newer career path that keeps on growing.

6. Human Resources Representative

Most companies have a human resources department and fill those positions with people persons. Being a human resources representative is a great job for a people person because you must face employees daily and connect with them to resolve issues. Though these representatives work for the business, it’s important that employees feel heard and understood when there is an issue.

7. Consultant

Just like a sales representative, there are a variety of job fields for consultants. Once you find your niche, a consulting position will allow you to meet with so many people every week. A people person is perfect for a consulting job because they have to connect with clients and be a liaison between them and a business. It requires a lot of social interactions which is why we suggest it for extroverted people.

8. Lawyer

Though being a people person isn’t required to be successful as a lawyer, appealing to judges and juries is still important. When you can connect with an important crowd, you’ll be a successful lawyer. A people person will be able to use their social skills in the courtroom and win cases.

9. Registered Nurse

A registered nurse will see many patients a day. It’s important for patients to feel a genuine connection with someone, especially when they’re sick or injured. A registered nurse is a great job for a people person because they can make a connection and allow patients to feel calmer while in a stressful situation.

10. Teacher

Teachers of all grades are around people all day. It’s important for teachers to be people persons because they need to relay information and new concepts to students. Teachers are usually empathetic and comforting too. As a people person, a teacher can create a fun and safe environment for their classroom. From elementary all the way up to high school, teachers work closely with people all day so it’s crucial that hey enjoy socializing all day. 

If you’re an overall extroverted and social person, you may be someone who is considered a people person. Finding a job and career path that uses those skills will allow you to enjoy your work more and not be as socially drained after a long day. For those who aren’t considered a people person, the jobs above may drain their social battery and be too demanding of them. When you find the right job and career path that complements your personality, you’ll be able to succeed more. 

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