Campus Housing - Dorms and Meal Plans

Provides on campus housing

Residence hall capacity

Does college offer a meal plan?
Yes, number of meals per week can vary

Must all students live on campus?

Residence halls on campus:
Allen Hall, Beef Cattle Arena, Booker Hall, Bost Hall, Brumley Apts #, Carreker Hall st, Davis Hall, Demaree Apts S, East Bennett Hall, Friend Hall, Helms Hall, Iba Hall, Jones Suite, Kamm Hall, McPherson Hall, Morsani Hall, Parker Hall, Patchin Suite, PayneEllis Hall, Peterson Hall, Prosser Apts N, Sitlington Hall, Smith Hall, Stevens Apts S, Stinchcomb Hall, Stout Hall, Swine Education and Research Center, University Commons oth, University Commons West, Village Apts, Wentz Hall, West Apts S, West Bennett Hall, Williams Apts N, Young Hall, Zink Hall

Sports Programs & Athletics

Athletic conferences
    Football - Big Twelve Conference
    Basketball - Big Twelve Conference
    Baseball - Big Twelve Conference
    Cross Country/Track - Big Twelve Conference

Number of Varsity Athletes by Sport in 2022

Sport # of Men # of Women
All Track Combined 74 150
Baseball 35
Basketball 15 29
Beach Volleyball
Equestrian 46
Field Hockey
Football 122
Golf 8 11
Ice Hockey
Soccer 30
Softball 26
Swimming and Diving
Synchronized Swimming
Table Tennis
Team Handball
Tennis 10 12
Track and Field, Indoor
Track and Field, Outdoor
Track and Field, X-Country
Water Polo
Weight Lifting
Wrestling 38
Other Sports
Data from 2019
Athletic Association
Member of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

Athletic Classification
NCAA Division I-FBS



Athletic Summary
Total # athletes


Male Athletes 284
Female Athletes 205


Total sports revenue

Total sports expenses

Avg. head coach salary - Women
(# full-time equivalents)
$290,439 (6.5)

Avg. head coach salary - Men
(# FTE)
$1,309,813 (6.5)

Campus Services and Programs

Academic/career counseling service
Employment services for students
Placement services for completers
Remedial services
Library facilities
Access to digital/electronic resources
Access to library collections that are shared with other institutions
Established library hours
Organized collection of printed materials
Physical facilities
Staff trained to provide and interpret library materials
Services and Programs for Servicemembers and Veterans
Credit for military training
Dedicated point of contact for support services for veterans, military servicemembers, and their families
Member of Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges
Recognized student veteran organization
Yellow Ribbon Program (officially known as Post-9/11 GI Bill, Yellow Ribbon Program)
Hospital on campus?


% of students with registered disabilities

Nearby Restaurants

Food from The Ranchers Club

The Ranchers Club

Miles From Campus: 0.17
Food from The Garage Burgers and Beer

The Garage Burgers and Beer

Miles From Campus: 0.27
Food from Coney Island

Coney Island

Miles From Campus: 0.3
Food from Eskimo Joe's

Eskimo Joe's

Miles From Campus: 0.32
Food from Fuzzy's Taco Shop

Fuzzy's Taco Shop

Miles From Campus: 0.32
Food from The Hideway

The Hideway

Miles From Campus: 0.33
Food from Cafe 88

Cafe 88

Miles From Campus: 0.34
Food from Pickleman's - Stillwater

Pickleman's - Stillwater

Miles From Campus: 0.35
Food from Nilima's Authentic Food of India

Nilima's Authentic Food of India

Miles From Campus: 0.37
Food from Old School Bagel Cafe

Old School Bagel Cafe

Miles From Campus: 0.39
Food from The Curty Shack

The Curty Shack

Miles From Campus: 0.39
Food from Nooki


Miles From Campus: 0.4
Food from Roscoe's Feed Shack

Roscoe's Feed Shack

Miles From Campus: 0.6
Food from Miso Asian Bistro

Miso Asian Bistro

Miles From Campus: 0.61
Food from The New Thai Cafe

The New Thai Cafe

Miles From Campus: 0.7
Food from Iron Monk Brewing Company

Iron Monk Brewing Company

Miles From Campus: 0.75
Food from Red Rock Bakery & Deli

Red Rock Bakery & Deli

Miles From Campus: 0.78
Food from Slim Chickens

Slim Chickens

Miles From Campus: 0.85
Food from Chili's


Miles From Campus: 0.86
Food from Just Wafflin

Just Wafflin

Miles From Campus: 0.86
Food from Granny's Kitchen

Granny's Kitchen

Miles From Campus: 0.88
Food from Louie's Grill and Bar

Louie's Grill and Bar

Miles From Campus: 0.89
Food from Devoted


Miles From Campus: 0.91
Food from Free-Range Kitchen

Free-Range Kitchen

Miles From Campus: 0.92
Food from Del Taco

Del Taco

Miles From Campus: 1
Food from Good Little Eater

Good Little Eater

Miles From Campus: 1
Food from Tokyo Pot

Tokyo Pot

Miles From Campus: 1.01
Food from Golden Dragon Cafe

Golden Dragon Cafe

Miles From Campus: 1.05
Food from Thai Loco

Thai Loco

Miles From Campus: 1.1
Food from Café Mona

Café Mona

Miles From Campus: 1.12
Food from Nikki's Greek

Nikki's Greek

Miles From Campus: 1.2
Food from Happy Buddha

Happy Buddha

Miles From Campus: 1.23
Food from Tacos Los Primos

Tacos Los Primos

Miles From Campus: 1.28
Food from Ron’s Hamburger & Chili

Ron’s Hamburger & Chili

Miles From Campus: 1.29
Food from Two Okies Food Truck

Two Okies Food Truck

Miles From Campus: 1.41
Food from Sugar Dolly's Bakery

Sugar Dolly's Bakery

Miles From Campus: 1.72
Food from Da Vinci's Italian Restaurant

Da Vinci's Italian Restaurant

Miles From Campus: 1.81
Food from Mariachi Mexican Grill

Mariachi Mexican Grill

Miles From Campus: 2.41
Food from Smokin’ Joes Stilly

Smokin’ Joes Stilly

Miles From Campus: 4
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Nearby Social Spots

Social Spots from Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee

Miles From Campus: 0.14
Social Spots from Boone Pickens Stadium

Boone Pickens Stadium

Miles From Campus: 0.25
Social Spots from The Perk Beverage Co

The Perk Beverage Co

Miles From Campus: 0.26
Social Spots from Gallagher-Iba Arena

Gallagher-Iba Arena

Miles From Campus: 0.32
Social Spots from The Daily Grind

The Daily Grind

Miles From Campus: 0.33
Social Spots from Collegebar


Miles From Campus: 0.34
Social Spots from Willies Saloon

Willies Saloon

Miles From Campus: 0.36
Social Spots from The Coffee House

The Coffee House

Miles From Campus: 0.4
Social Spots from Copper Penny

Copper Penny

Miles From Campus: 0.41
Social Spots from Brown's Bottle Shop

Brown's Bottle Shop

Miles From Campus: 0.59
Social Spots from Red Dirt CrossFit

Red Dirt CrossFit

Miles From Campus: 0.65
Social Spots from Starbucks


Miles From Campus: 0.81
Social Spots from Zannotti's Wine Bar

Zannotti's Wine Bar

Miles From Campus: 0.85
Social Spots from Finnegan's Pub

Finnegan's Pub

Miles From Campus: 0.88
Social Spots from Everyman


Miles From Campus: 0.9
Social Spots from Stillwater Martial Arts

Stillwater Martial Arts

Miles From Campus: 0.95
Social Spots from Balanced Coffee

Balanced Coffee

Miles From Campus: 1
Social Spots from Aspen Coffee Company

Aspen Coffee Company

Miles From Campus: 1.03
Social Spots from Stillwater's Yoga Solution

Stillwater's Yoga Solution

Miles From Campus: 1.2
Social Spots from Dutch Bros Coffee

Dutch Bros Coffee

Miles From Campus: 1.2
Social Spots from JR's Liquor, Wine & Beer

JR's Liquor, Wine & Beer

Miles From Campus: 1.32
Social Spots from Aspen Coffee

Aspen Coffee

Miles From Campus: 1.42
Social Spots from Gym One Fitness

Gym One Fitness

Miles From Campus: 1.42
Social Spots from AMC Stillwater 10

AMC Stillwater 10

Miles From Campus: 1.5
Social Spots from Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings

Miles From Campus: 1.51
Social Spots from Aspen Coffee Company

Aspen Coffee Company

Miles From Campus: 1.52
Social Spots from HOTWORX - Stillwater, OK

HOTWORX - Stillwater, OK

Miles From Campus: 1.61
Social Spots from The Botanic Garden

The Botanic Garden

Miles From Campus: 1.75
Social Spots from Stillwaggin' Dog Park

Stillwaggin' Dog Park

Miles From Campus: 2.03
Social Spots from Boomer Lake

Boomer Lake

Miles From Campus: 2.16
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